Each flower doing its own thing in its own time. Some flowers budding, some blooming, some done and already dropping their petals.

We exhale, the tulip leaves inhale our outbreath. They exhale, we inhale their outbreath. We are dancing together, the tulips and I, breathing as one, from the one, to the one.

They’re rooted in healthy soil. Receiving sunlight. Modelling how to BE.

They’ve been snowed on, rained on, hailed on. Nothing stops them from growing. They’re resilient as ever. Each year they come back. They renew themselves without asking permission. They take root wherever they can. Thriving is their birthright.

People walk by and ooh and aah and express appreciation.

These tulips are contributing to the beauty, pleasure and happiness of our community. They are confident, unafraid to be visible.

Do you think the white tulips are comparing themselves to the red ones and feeling bad about themselves because they haven’t bloomed yet?

Do you think the white ones are gonna hold back from flowering and go back underground, back to the bulb, because they feel like they have already missed the boat and it’s to late to get started now?

Does it surprise you to see little purple flowers that are not tulips in the tulip bed?

Today, I choose to channel my inner tulip.

To stay the course and bloom anyway, in whatever time it takes.

I choose to stand right where I am, in all the phases of my potential — budding, blooming, surrendering, volunteering, letting go.

I feel the pressure to open, the anticipation of opening, the resistance to opening, the inevitability of opening.

I choose to face the light no matter what.

I choose to be in community.

I choose resilience and visibility.

It’s liberating to root down into the dark Earth, to feel the warmth of the light, to drop the old petals, to stand tall and receive love.

It’s liberating to be part of a collective of like-minded growth-oriented creators.

All is beauty. We see what we are looking for.