I’m not sure how I initially connected with Deborah, but I’m grateful we did because she was the missing piece to my next step.

I came to Anatomy of Money Retreat unconsciously feeling disempowered, overly responsible for others financially, and guilty for desiring to become a millionaire. I was unaware of the burden I carried through these emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

I’m from the Birmingham, Alabama, so coming to the mountains of Colorado was a totally different experience. I knew I would experience a transformation, but I didn’t know it would be so powerful and awakening.

The first day of the retreat, I allowed myself to be fully present with the guidance of Deborah and the support of the other women in the room. I went to the depths of some painful money monsters and beliefs. I knew the deeper I was willing to go, the higher I’ll be able to ascend, so I went deep, and it was painful, beautiful, transformative, powerful and awakening.

Deborah’s skill, knowledge, and charisma supported me in drawing out everything in that weekend, that was no longer serving me. After drawing it out, it was then transformed. By the end of day two, my internal landscape had completely shifted. I felt empowered and powerful, I embodied forgiveness for my past money mis-takes, and I knew I was only responsible for myself financially. I believed in myself fully and completely again.

I went to the Anatomy of Money LIVE retreat, and I met and experienced God in a way I hadn’t experienced before in the form of Deborah.

I recommend the Anatomy of Money retreat to anyone who desires to experience more, and is willing to go to any lengths for themselves.

CEO, Quantum Taxx

I can sum up the incredible impact Deborah and her Anatomy of Money course has had on my life in one word: MORE.

Deborah’s no-nonsense, straight-talk teaching method coupled with the 1:1 time spent with her set in motion a glorious trend of MORE of everything good and wonderful appearing in my life.

The transformation came overnight. Literally. I gained the confidence to take more action in the pursuit of living my dream as an author. I received more inspiration from my Higher Self. More opportunities to grow my business blossomed. More love of self and for others. More heartful joy. More financial success…

Since 2013, I’ve been living my dream as the author of “dark and chilling” thrillers by entertaining others with my books. However, despite all I have accomplished as an indie author, I held back, not “daring” to step much farther out of my comfort zone than I already had. Yet, investing in myself to take the Anatomy of Money course was a step out of my comfort zone.

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I was ready to receive the message and take action.

The results I experienced were stunningly wonderful and more than I could have imagined.

In a matter of days—yes, days—my book downloads and sales more than doubled compared to the same month last year. The only thing different was me, more specifically, my attitude. I attribute the skyrocketing of my sales to Deborah “rooting out” the old stories, beliefs, and judgments I had been carrying around for decades. In a matter of minutes, I was a new woman. More free. More confident. More self-assured.

After that “rooting out” process, opportunities started materializing. For example, I was suddenly invited to participate in a 5-day challenge on creating Amazon sponsored ads … and I did it! Then the opportunity to learn how to record audiobooks came my way. As a result, I invested in creating a recording “studio” in my home so I can record audio versions of my books. Plus, I received inspiration to revise several of my book covers and also approach Amazon about making the first novel in my werewolf series perma-free. Those may not sound like “big” accomplishments to some, but for me, they signaled monumental, life-altering shifts in me. And my husband of 40 years even noticed and was thrilled, supportive, and proud of me.

Before Deborah’s course and her 1:1 session, I doubt I would have acquired the self-confidence, drive, or commitment to take on the tasks I mentioned. Even if I could have done it one my own (which I doubt) it would have taken me a long time to “root out” the old stories. As a 60-year-young woman, time is not necessarily on my side.

Many of my friends are “winding down” to “retire,” whereas I feel I am “winding up” to learn, grow, and explore MORE, thanks to Deborah. I’m eager to see what opportunities the Universe will offer me next. Each day offers the opportunity for a new adventure.

If you’re ready to welcome MORE wonderment in your life, I invite you to invest in yourself and work with Deborah. My life is better, I am more fulfilled, and happier with myself at a deep soul level because of her … and I wish all that goodness and wonderment for you too.

Author of Dark and Chilling Thrillers

WORKING ONE-ON-ONE WITH DEBORAH is one of the best investments of my time and money I've made in my life. I've gotten so much out of it, it's hard to sum up in words.

My income has quadrupled while working less hours than ever before, and most importantly, I get to serve clients I adore every single day. Through our work together, I discovered so many holes in my old thinking and the utterly destructive patterns I'd been carrying around like heavy bricks about money and serving my clients that go back generations if not eons.

Since our first sessions, I began vibrating into right alignment with the truth of what I was offering my clients, and incredible clients began coming to me, as if by magic. I feel joyful for the first time about every aspect of my work and my business.

If you have ever had doubts about your value, or what you were put on this earth to contribute or create, hire Deborah. Like a master archeologist, she will help you unearth the beliefs and patterns that do not serve, and together, you will tap into a whole new way of feeling and thinking that will make your life feel like magic.

I've completely stopped giving my power away to people or circumstances to determine how I feel about myself or what is possible for me. This is the greatest experience of liberation I've had in my life to date.

If joy, ease, freedom, hope, empowerment, and increased self-worth are what you’re looking for, along with increased financial abundance to boot, you’ve come to the right place. Deborah is a gem of the highest order. Work with her now.

Relationship Coach

WHEN I STARTED WORKING PRIVATELY WITH DEBORAH, I was struggling with feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and inadequacy. I had just gone through a painful divorce from my partner of 20 years who had also been my professional partner for even longer. I had to start redefining myself, and rewiring my thought patterns.

What I loved most about working with her was the language and metaphors she chooses, which are always vivid, smart and effective because they make you see and feel vs. simply thinking about things.

After tapping, I felt lighter, more expansive, freer, more confident and able to step into the depth and fullness of my power. I now feel like I have tools to recenter myself physiologically, and am able to deluge old neural pathways with new and supportive ones.

Deborah's vast scientific/intellectual background and expertise, combined with her many years as a filmmaker, gives her a unique visual/scientific way of thinking and speaking that I find amazingly effective. "Woo woo" techniques grounded in neuroscience, etymology and visual storytelling is the best way I can think to describe what Deborah does. It works. She is brilliant and I'm so grateful to know her.

For anyone struggling with their relationship to money, and/or their relationship to THEMSELVES, working with Deborah will lighten your heart, rewire your brain and help empower you to go be your best, most effective and impactful self.


WORKING 1:1 WITH DEBORAH WAS A HUGE SCARY INVESTMENT and it was oh so worth it. Before our work together, I was terrified to raise my prices, charge my worth and I had zero boundaries with clients. I had a full business but I was working my ass off, barely able to pay myself anything or take time off without massive guilt, and I was making very little money.

I thought I was hiring Deborah to help me make more money, and we went SO much deeper than that, uncovering beliefs about money and worthiness that started in my childhood that I had carried into my adult life. I’m SO grateful and empowered to have cleared out these patterns in our 1:1 work and to have the tools to continue clearing more old beliefs.

In every session, Deborah kindly and lovingly calls me out on all of my crap and fears and works through each thought pattern with me, supporting me every step of the way. She has an amazing ability to ask exactly the right question and highlight those subconscious beliefs that have been running behind the scenes.

I’ve since raised my prices considerably and have strict boundaries in place. I’ve had my biggest earning months ever and I now have consistent income. I’ve restructured my schedule and have creative time for myself and my writing every morning. I have tapped into more clarity and courage than ever, and have begun to build a much more sustainable business based on my creative skills and passions.

Deborah is a wise woman, one whom I admire. She has a special gift combining spirituality and neuro-brain-juju with the specific concrete steps and templates to run a successful business. Her coaching has pushed me and opened me up to myself and what is truly possible.

Writer, Speaker and Coach

I’ve been a hardcore fangirl of Deborah since I met her when we were in a mastermind group together in 2017.

Until I met Deborah, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about what was keeping me from dramatically increasing my income. I discovered that I believe money comes from other people AND I have to put up with their shenanigans so I can be okay financially. OMG.

After working with Deborah for 6 weeks in a small group program, the fog has lifted! She worked her magic on my brain’s molecules and my spirit and showed me how to work my own magic, too. Literally, the week after a private coaching session, I made $12,000. In. One. Week. And the next week, I closed another $6000 in sales. It was super easy.

Then I attended her Anatomy of Money LIVE retreat and she blew my mind.

As I watched her rock a roomful of women, show up as a leader, and enroll people in her coaching program, I had one thought: I want to be like Deborah when I grow up.

Being in Deborah’s yearlong Anatomy of Money Quantum Leap Sistermind shifted my business, my mindset, and my income in a way I could never have predicted.

Seriously: We do what we do because we love it and we’re good at it. We’d happily do it for free. But to be sustainable, we must earn not just to survive, but to thrive.

Because I worked with Deborah, and stayed fully open to receive all the coaching, insight, and neurojuju she had to offer, I raised my rates, grew my income – thanks, $18,000 month!

I (finally!) got the support and come-to-Jesus I needed to launch my first group coaching program. I made more than $5K. Easily. Like buttah.

Receiving the money I want to earn as I express my gifts makes it possible for me to give more, show up for more people, and express more of my own brilliance. My mindset about money has shifted 180 degrees thanks to Deborah’s transformational way of coaching.

If you’re on the fence about enrolling in anything Deborah has to offer, leap into her arms right now. Abundance in all areas of your life will follow.

Brand & Business Coach,
Keynote speaker, Workshop Facilitator



because I had low self-confidence, I was struggling with getting clients, and in fear about the next steps in my business or even how to develop it at all. I was hating parts of myself and I felt hurt a lot. (I had such a self-harming mindset.)

In the past year, I have increased the price of my sessions (and don’t feel bad about it!). I am having more JOY and FUN with sales conversations. I am finding absolute gratitude for unveiling and working through subconscious blocks that have kept me stuck. I am seeing myself in a whole new light -- I now know I am a powerful, kind-hearted person who is using her learning and her own experiences to help others. I am not settling for what I don’t want. I am learning to let go of the outcome and enjoy the process of truly being of service to myself and others!

I feel so much less stressed and I don’t feel like I’m BEHIND on anything. I feel like I am exactly where I need to be and now have the freedom to create from a place of abundance and joy.

I loved my VIP day. As soon as I stepped into the warm embrace of Deborah's energy and space, I immediately felt at home and open to creation. The day was dedicated to honoring my goals and more. We did tapping to rid myself of attachment to another person's energy (which totally worked), got more specific about those I serve in my business and I even received some extremely helpful coaching on my relationship with my partner. Here's the kicker: IT'S ALL RELATED.

That's the magic of Deborah. She ties everything together in a way that makes the magic of the universe and the energy undeniable. She reminds me of what a powerful being I am and that the key to my dreams is 100% within me and my mindset. It really is that simple. What a relief! I left my VIP day feeling like the most loving and powerful version of myself - which is who I really am and always was!

Deborah is…not of the Earth in some way. She sees the absolute truth and power that every person holds and she sees exactly what is holding them back and can call it out directly in a way that resonates deeply. She embodies beautifully what it is to be a powerful business woman combined with a free, child-like spirit! Deborah is the leader this world needs right now and I am honored to be learning from her.

If you're looking to up-level your business, I recommend Deborah because she teaches you to create success in a conscious, loving and truly heart-opening way that feels GOOD. The inevitable challenges become a part of the process instead of a hindrance. Deborah balances the being and the confidence and the energy behind the actions equally with the actions themselves and that is the key right there, which I’ve never experienced from another group program.

Career Coach



AT THE TIME I BEGAN WORKING WITH DEBORAH, I was not balanced. I hated myself. My inner dialogue was so ugly that it left me feeling bruised on the inside from how badly I was beating myself up. I sought her out specifically to help me learn to love myself.

In working with Deborah, I have come to develop a loving relationship with me. I used to cringe even at the thought of saying I love you to myself... not anymore. Now, I proudly, lovingly and sincerely look in the mirror and declare "I love you!" It's a pretty amazing feeling.

As a result of our work together, my inner dialogue is kind, compassionate and loving towards me. I don't abandon myself. I make better choices because I've learned to consult with myself, first, to discern what my needs are before jumping into decisions. I have become a priority to myself.

I have also learned to see my patterns, as an observer and with curiosity, rather than letting them spiral me down and out.

Deborah is a genius at mindset and at unearthing those patterns that no longer serve. She creates a bubble of safety for you to explore those deep inner workings, that are often scary terrain, while she gently holds your hand and guides you throughout.

I would highly recommend working with Deborah if you are looking to uncover the truth of who you are and live a more connected life with yourself and the world around you.


WHEN I STARTED WORKING WITH DEBORAH, I was really struggling with the ebb and flow of money in my business. As a Realtor, I'm faced with varied yearly income and needed to learn how to stop stressing. What I love most about this work is how comprehensive it is. I never thought about old "stories" affecting my life now. With this work, it is so clear. I am happy to let go of the old "stories" now!

The biggest transformation I have experienced is my new sense of calm. I can't believe how quickly the shift happened and how intuitive Deborah is. I now understand the energy of money and my relationship with that energy, and I have no more money stress!

The 1:1 coaching is incredibly powerful because we are able to delve into my specific old patterns and see if they still serve me. Deborah's ability to help me connect the dots is uncanny. I got a "complete makeover from the inside." We looked at all aspects of my life -- money, love, friendships, food, body image, education and career. Holy Cow!

What is unique and brilliant about this work is how quickly I am able to put it into practice for lasting change. I can physically feel the effects of the tapping as I am doing it. The effects are powerful and profound.

I have received a sense of calm. I stopped stressing about the inconsistencies of my income and started understanding the positive aspects of my personality that I bring to the work that I do. I just can't believe how much I have changed within me.  


BEING A STAY-AT-HOME WHILE ALSO ATTEMPTING TO RESTART MY FLEDGLING BUSINESS challenged me to the core. Deborah met me exactly where I was, as I was, time and time again.

Over the course of our year together, I knew I could take whatever I was experiencing and be met fully and lovingly - whether it be resistance, despair, grief, anger, frustration. I would walk away from both our 1:1 sessions and our group calls with clarity, invaluable insight, and the courage to continue walking my path both as a mother and a healer.

There are plenty of great business coaches out there who can offer all the strategy and action steps possible. There are also innumerable personal growth coaches or healers who can work with the emotional/spiritual side of things. Deborah offers both mindset coaching/healing along with business strategy and she weaves it all together beautifully and potently.

Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner

WORKING WITH DEBORAH, I SAW MY BIGGEST CHALLENGE was not making more money, but rather, moving past my victim-playing game and shifting my toxic money relationship. My breakthroughs as a result of her gentle commitment and support were to wind down both of those games with attention and awareness.

I am manifesting wonderful opportunities for me, both personally and professionally. I am living with more worth and more ease. I am showing myself that anything is possible, and my dreams ARE coming true. One year ago, I could never have said this.

Deborah is spot-on and lovingly honest, direct and supportive. She is not afraid to call me out on my negative patterns, or ones that need shifting. I always feel nurtured, supported and encouraged by her!

Domestic Violence Coach, Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker

WHEN I FIRST MET DEBORAH, SHE EXUDED A CLEAR ENERGY OF VULNERABILITY and confidence of mind and spirit. That’s what attracted me. I knew I had some very important healing work around my relationship with money.

I hired Deborah as my coach, and as a result, have been able to get into my money story and really explore some of my core wounds I had been avoiding.

Deborah has lovingly held me through some very heavy and dark places in my resistance to money, and courageously called me out where I'm still repeating old patterns. I now see that if I keep blaming money for my childhood traumas and all my other life problems, I am only going to repel it more. I now understand that my relationship to money is also the very relationship I hold with myself.

I have made huge strides in taking my power back. I am finally seeing that as the full curator of my life, I also have full responsibility to take care of myself, my choices, my energy, and my attitude. Where I had been focusing on lack, I am now focusing on the abundant generosity of the world around me. I have finally found my optimism again.

I highly recommend working with Deborah Fryer! She is a gem of a coach. You won't find anyone else out there quite like her. She combines neuroscience, spirituality, nature, business, and mindset into a beautiful cohesive program that allows you space to follow your own truth while being guided by someone who has clearly done her own work.


I SIGNED UP FOR THE ANATOMY OF MONEY ONLINE BECAUSE I WAS STRUGGLING WITH MY CAREER AND RELATIONSHIP, and was feeling overwhelmed with making a decision about where to invest my energy and how to transition out of my current work situation.

What I loved most about working with Deborah and this program was her very direct approach. Her ability to listen to all of us and synthesize our deeper yearnings. I loved that I felt heard.

After tapping, I felt incredible! The biggest transformation was feeling into the very real possibility of doubling my income and how much joy and freedom that is bringing me.

Thank you! I look forward to continuing to explore and deepen my understanding of this wisdom! Thank you for being a living role model.

I would recommend the program because it is empowering!

Sound Healer


I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE YOU and am so glad you came into my life. Divine destiny for sure. With you I feel nurtured and cared for and also guided. Very much guided. And very much supported. I really feel supported by you to help me be the best I can be and to awaken all the sleeping dragons within me. Which oh boy are they waking up!

Each time I talk with Deborah privately or participate in a workshop group session I receive some kind of transmission from her that's joyful, uplifting, and completely powerful! Completely waking up my inner power.

Deborah definitely woke the tiger in me—I now recognize my negative subconscious patterns and am able to shift gears into a more blissful, proactive state.

Deborah’s work is authentic, awakening, no BS, and transforming. I am in awe of her ability to allow the Universe to speak and move through her and guide so many people.

Thank you so much for always supporting me and being a model of beauty, excellence, and Divine Woman!!!!


BEFORE I BEGAN WORKING WITH DEBORAH, I WAS COMPLETELY TERRIFIED by and angry with money. I avoided my finances at all costs, I was unclear about my path and I didn't believe I could make money doing what I loved. I was discouraged, and in what felt like an endless spin cycle of scraping by each month.

I could go on forever about the amazing breakthroughs I have had and am continuing to have while working with Deborah. I know how valuable I am, and that what I have to offer is unique and special. I get excited now to check on my finances and to know that I am participating in the ebb and flow of resources in the universe. I am worthy, and it is safe (and wonderful) to be ME!!!

I now approach each day with both purpose and ease. I have tools to consistently help me to uplevel, release anxiety, and embrace all of the parts of me. I have grown to really know and appreciate and trust myself more than I ever have before.

I can't begin to express how revelatory and life-changing this experience has been. I have a bigger, broader vision for my business, my life, the good and beauty I am creating in the world. Deborah creates amazing space for others to feel seen, heard and cared for. She is not afraid to have the hard conversations, and she does it with so much love and grace. She taps into my inner scientist and artist and I LOVE it! She is the most compassionate, tuned in, full of amazingness woman and being I could have ever asked for in a coach, and I am so thankful to know her!

Please do yourself this favor and work with Deborah. If you are ready to uplevel your life, your business, your relationships, your money story, your bank account, this is the time. Deborah is the real deal. She is the guide and coach for you to move beyond where you could have ever imagined you could go.

Creative Capacity Coach, Arts/Health Researcher and Photographer

I WAS STRUGGLING WITH MONEY. FOR YEARS, MY RELATIONSHIP TO MONEY was not balanced. I knew I was in need of a mentor to help me find the money wounds. I would make money but I didn’t feel like it was safe to keep it in my account.

Thanks to this work, I feel Relief. Gratitude. Pleasure. Joy. A new found freedom with money, love, and life! I went from wondering if I would draw clients to attracting clients who immediately pay top dollar for my work as a healer, mystic and breathworker!

Deborah’s trust of the healing process has allowed me to expand beyond anything I could imagine in such a short time. Her dedication to the work she brings to the world inspires me to know that anything is possible.

Author, Mystic and Healer

WHEN I FIRST REACHED OUT TO DEBORAH, I was paralyzed with overwhelming fear and anxiety. Even though I worked hard and was experiencing some level of success, I felt like a complete fraud. I was living my dream life in many ways, but had completely shut down inside. I wasn’t able to function at work or home.

My inability to do anything sent my wife and marriage in a downward spiral. I felt worthless at work, despite positive feedback. I needed help, but didn’t know where to look.

Deborah helped me get to the root cause of why I felt like I was falling apart, and she gave me powerful tools to begin healing myself. Thanks to Deborah’s coaching, my fears and anxieties have almost completely vanished, my marriage has significantly improved, my confidence has increased greatly, and my productivity has skyrocketed.. I’ve reconnected with family members and deepened those relationships. I’ve connected with a mastermind of like-minded men, where we support each other in our endeavors and personal growth. Every aspect of my life has been enriched by this work.

In facing my fears, it turns out that I’m not on my dream career path. It’s one of the reasons I had started shutting down. Right now Deborah is working with me to lay the groundwork for launching my own business.

The journey with Deborah has been incredible and it has been a true joy. Deborah doesn’t just help you with money. She gives you tools, and she guides you in giving yourself a new life upgrade.

You know that life you always wanted to live? Stick with Deborah, and she’ll help you develop the mindset, habits, and inner resilience to truly live the life of your dreams.

If you are on the fence about coaching with Deborah, go sign up with her now. The life-value I continue to receive from her coaching sessions has been priceless. No way to quantify it. She’s worth it!

Strategy and Risk Policy Analyst

I WAS REALLY STRUGGLING WITH MY PAST. No matter what classes I took, I was always talking about my past like it was my present. Years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD. Nothing helped. With Deborah as my coach, TAPPING has eliminated the stress from my trauma. COMPLETELY!

I now have the freedom to take responsibility for my life and choose happiness!! I can feel love!!! Deborah is sooo nurturing and epic in what she does. I have the freedom I have been searching for.

I really needed 1 on 1 private coaching because there were just parts of me I couldn't figure out myself. I had done it my way my whole life and I really wanted change. Since our amazing sessions, I am happy. Period. Money is flowing in, joy is flowing in, every day has ease!!!

This is exactly what I needed to get on track with my life. Deborah specifically is the best I have worked with!!!!! I wish everyone could have a Deborah. Luvs to you and how my world has changed and is beautiful. Thank you is hardly a BIG enough word to convey how special you are and the wonderful trip I have been on with you! All my LOVE!

Artist, Jewelry Designer

I SIGNED UP TO WORK WITH DEBORAH BECAUSE I WAS STRUGGLING WITH MY MONEY SHADOWS, my self-worth and my earning power. I was struggling with the balance between the masculine and feminine in my business. I was finding it hard to keep the feminine energy present, while trying to create a business which I saw as a masculine endeavor.

Deborah showed me how to open to pleasure and embrace my perfect blend of masculine and feminine! What I love most about this work is that I’ve learned how to be in total unity. My coaching and my personal life now work together beautifully for success. Deborah was really good at helping me discover how I could live and work on my own terms. When you understand how to navigate and balance that, you’re golden.

The biggest transformation I have experienced is in my mindset. It's hard to be successful in business if you're not truly facing all of the negative and erroneous thinking which is just bubbling under the surface!

I’ve doubled my income, lost 25 pounds, bought a new house, built a 6-figure business and discovered that pleasure is safe. I feel much more in flow. I have experienced so many breakthroughs… massive collaborations are starting to bubble up in my favor, I’m attracting clients and money and getting me onto a broader stage!

The 1:1 coaching is incredibly powerful because Deborah holds space in such a way that I feel totally seen and heard, and able to hear what she has to say to me, even if it might not be what I thought I wanted to hear. She has a deep, loving heart, which she opens up to those she works with, so that they can grow. What is unique and brilliant about this work is strength of the feminine energy in business is made supremely clear.

I have learned how to handle my natural tendency to withdraw and hide when I feel attacked by utilizing the powerful Tapping scripts, mindset work and loving support I've received from Deborah.

If you are flailing, feeling unbalanced and overworked, or have a sense of lack of power and impact and want to learn how to stand in your feminine power and find success, I recommend working with Deborah!

Author, Coach

WHEN I STARTED WORKING WITH DEBORAH, I was struggling with low self-esteem, lack of direction, feelings of scarcity, and a general feeling that I was not living up to my potential because something I couldn’t quite put my finger on was holding me back. I felt misunderstood, unappreciated, and undervalued at home and at work.

Thanks to this work, I have a greater sense of self-worth. I feel more confident in my daily life and I am less stressed as a whole. I feel overwhelmed less often, and now know some good tools on how to combat overwhelm when it surfaces. I am less intimidated by people I thought were out of my league, and feel more comfortable approaching them about collaborating on film projects. As I re-write my money story, my deep-seated resentment of and animosity toward rich people is subsiding. I now look for common values and interests in people wealthier than I am, and look for ways of leveraging our strengths and resources to further our common mission and specifically my mission of building bridges through my filmmaking and teaching.

I’m happier being who I am, and feel more comfortable in my own skin. I realize I have many skills and experiences that are appreciated and valued by others that I now use to generate income. I have new-found clarity, enthusiasm and passion.

My indirect income has doubled over the past year in the form of valuable new connections, and new creative collaborations with people who are opening valuable new doors for me. Three major new funding sources have come through for a film I have been working for the past seven years, and I’ve been asked to direct a new documentary about President Obama’s tailor.

I am becoming the person I long sensed was tucked away somewhere within me, afraid to poke out its head for longer than a moment or two. I am more relaxed, confident and at peace with myself. I am better able to enjoy my time with friends, colleagues and loved ones, and see my life as a great gift to be cherished instead of a never-ending struggle.

Deborah played a key role in getting me out of the rut I felt stuck in for much of the past decade. I knew I needed a helping hand, but didn’t know where to turn until I met Deborah.

I feel like I’m now on course for where I want to head over the coming years. I have the clarity, self-esteem and motivation to keep on track. Thanks!


I’VE LIVED IN AMAZING PLACES, travelled extensively and started multiple businesses and worked in careers I’ve loved. And even after decades of spiritual and inner work, the joy, connection, and abundance I desired was missing. Yes, I’d had moments of joy, connection, and abundance, though they never hung around for long. Working with Deborah has changed that.

As a conversion copywriter, poet, photographer and designer, I am not often at a loss for words. The joy, connection, and abundance I now experience, even in the most challenging of moments, is so alive, genuine, palpable and mostly unshakable—it is beyond words. There are still clouds at times (doubts, self-criticisms, etc) that temporarily cover the sun (the light, creativity, and joy that I am), yet the joy is ever present.

Deborah has an amazing ability to hold unconditional space for whatever arises. It is such a relief to truly be seen and heard, supported and celebrated. I am more deeply anchored in me.

Deborah weaves together various modalities into threads of light and delight that create a strong and gentle, beautiful and challenging, flexible and solid container that nourishes and supports. I have never laughed so hard while exploring the uncomfortable and often hidden or shameful corners of the ego.

Deborah’s coaching is a powerful gift for transformation. Through her support and mirroring, I have the courage to share more and show up as a gift to those I serve for which I am deeply grateful.


WHEN I STARTED TO WORK WITH DEBORAH, I was very overwhelmed.

I felt unable to complete a program I had started the year before, and I was dealing with a family medical situation that was consuming most of my energy and attention. It took repetition and re-wiring over time, but by the end of six months I really did feel totally different about my ability to handle the scary medical stuff, and…I had gotten my coaching certification—woo hoo!

I loved the way Deborah helped move me through so much self-judgment and shock, including on one particular session day when I was repeatedly throwing up over some really upsetting news. Having her consistent, unwavering support and pearls of coaching wisdom got me through a dark time and led me to a much higher opinion of my resilience and awesomeness :).

My biggest insight was that EVERY part of me is actually O.K.—my fear, my sadness, and my rage—and nothing ever needed to be stamped out. I knew this intellectually but FELT it in my bones after doing the program with her, and this has fundamentally changed my relationship to myself.

My husband and I are closer than ever, and Deborah also helped me get out there and give my first coaching talk. She has a great way of blending the emotional and the practical to get you unstuck, and she’s never pushy with the accountability piece, which gave me the space to accomplish more with less pressure. Perhaps the greatest gift is feeling at peace with my pace and my imperfection, which is huge.

Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach

I SIGNED UP FOR THE ANATOMY OF MONEY because outside of a (fun but very poorly paid) mural, I had almost no work for almost 6 months. I had to do something. I knew I had a lot of deep issues around money, but couldn't pinpoint exactly what was going on. The first time I heard Deborah speak, I was impressed. I thought "this woman is onto something." I left thinking "I should really do this"... but I am the queen of procrastination ... and when you're draining your bank account the last thing you want to do is spend money.

What I loved about the course was that it shone a spotlight on very specific beliefs I had. You can't work with your subconscious beliefs if you don't know what they are, and I never could see them before. I love the scientific approach.

Through the work we did, it became obvious and clear that lack of money was just a symptom of old embedded beliefs I had been carrying about men, money, relationships, myself, that I had never been able to shift in the past. I've done a ton of personal growth work, and had somewhere along the line accepted that this is just how things are.

Since the course, work is coming to me nonstop. And the work I'm getting is the stuff I love - painting murals, good design jobs. I'm turning away work for the first time in years! I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that all I did was tap for a few months on my subconscious beliefs and this is happening.

More than that, I feel more integrated and more whole in general. How I feel in my day to day life is a little lighter, it all flows a little more easily. I experience more general well-being than before. Clearing old painful issues means I'm not carrying them around anymore.

The course opened the doors and windows - the possibilities are endless. I can change bedrock subconscious belief structures through tapping. It's my hot new tool in the toolbox and it is truly effective, a rocket ship to changing old patterns. Through working with Deborah, I now know it's possible to change things and how to do it quickly and effectively.

This has f*ing changed my world. I have a solution that works! What a goddamn miracle!

Thank you, Deborah. I am so deeply grateful for this gift of freedom!

Artist and Graphic Designer

When I first started working with Deborah, I was struggling with self-doubt, undercharging and scared to share my gifts in a big way. My husband wasn’t working, my relationship with my son was very intense and strained, and I had hit an income plateau which I couldn’t breakthrough.

I was able to work through my money blocks with Deborah’s mentoring and she helped me to see the blind spots so that I could continue to grow beyond my limits.

I have surpassed 6 figures, had a $24K launch and it has become easier to offer my services, including consistently enrolling $3K VIP sessions. I now own my value, hold my clarity, trust my gifts, and live from my sacred power, knowing that I am here to change lives.

I have overcome deep-seated fears of speaking up, feel more confident in all areas of my life, my relationship with my son is restored, which has been priceless. I am positioned with more visibility and influence as a healer to attract my ideal clients.

Mariangela Parrodi
Naturopath. Intuitive. Passion to Purpose Mentor

Before joining AMQL, I was unsure about myself, my business, in a toxic relationship, and living in fear with a scarcity mindset.

I have grown exponentially being in Deborah’s field in every area of my life, ESPECIALLY believing in my Divine gifts, thus becoming super confident. Within three months of working with Deborah. I hit my first 10K month and have had consistent 8-12K months ever since.

I have worked with many coaches and no one is as genuine, compassionate and inspiring as Deborah. She has assisted in helping me connect more deeply to myself and my own source of infinite love to accept ALL of me.

Deborah has a superpower to shine a light on my blindspots that may be momentarily holding me back so that I can quickly witness, accept, release, and move forward as the Divine co-creator that I am.

If you have a business and are ready to uplevel your overall confidence in mind, body, spirit then look no further you have just found a truly amazing soul, human and coach. In addition, the AMQL community that Deborah has created is a powerful, inspiring group of like-minded souls who love and support one another and are lighting the way for the future of humanity.

Brittany Nicole Maxey
Vedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Cosmic Jewelry Designer

When I came to Deborah I was stuck in my stories of lack and not enoughness which showed up in my life as constant worrying about money/debt, self doubt in all my decisions (especially my business!) and playing out victim stories in very creative ways.

Through our work, I was able to heal some of the core issues with my ex-husband, see clearly how my money beliefs were holding me back and reclaim my sovereignty. The process was messy and uncomfortable. but I always felt seen, heard and held to a higher way of being by Deborah. Because of that, I have a much more expansive and loving relationship to myself, my money and my business.

Today, I’m living a life guided by and filled with pleasure, joy and love. I’m happy to report that I’ve even signed my first $20k client.

DD Haeg
Pleasure Coach & Embodiment Guide

I was drawn to work with Deborah, but I was scared. I had so much fear as I had just gone through a major life transition.

This FLOW course was such a blessing. Deborah has such a great way of identifying limiting beliefs and creating tapping scripts that helped me access my subconscious mind and clear my limitations really fast. I got the results I came for!

I felt exhausted for ages and I can feel my energy returning. I have so much more time for self care. My relationship with my ex is easy, and my kids are healthier and happier (we are quantum leaps from where we were).

I’ve found new confidence. I’m no longer afraid of money, I’ve learned to set loving boundaries, and life feels so easy!

Savitri Bhurji
Divine Feminine Energy Healer & Happiness Expert

I was struggling to fill my books and make enough money. I was always exhausted and felt like I just had to work harder to provide for my family.

As a result of working with Deborah, my income has tripled, my books are overflowing and my courses are fully booked, all effortlessly. I also have more confidence. I have such ease with money, and my stress around money has disappeared.

Deborah’s work has been truly transformational in not just helping me to re-write my patterns but to experience tangible, meaningful results.

Alexandra Williams
Transformational Intuitive Healing and Wellness Coach

I have known Deborah for over ten years. I know she is the real deal.

I love all the tapping and other practices we did in the FLOW program. I cleared up some money blocks that had been hanging over me most of my adult life. I raised my rates, set stronger boundaries with my clients and at home, and I feel more confident. Taking this course brought me back to me and MY flow.

I now know that I am not alone. I have always been different. I am entrepreneur, and I now know it’s okay to live a spirit guided life and also be financially secure and abundant.

If you are really ready to shift and face the truth of how YOU orchestrated your own scarcity, probably to protect yourself or someone else, but want to move forward, then I can’t recommend Deborah and her groups enough.

Stefanie Rothert
Acupuncturist, Intuitive Healer and Artist

I am so grateful that I found Deborah. The first time I spoke to her I felt so down and broken, and I actually felt guilty for wasting her precious time. I was dealing a lot of self-worth issues, I had a chronic disease and my body was frail. I had trouble promoting myself and making my business work.

There was little flow in my life…so I signed up for FLOW. I had no idea how I was going to pay for it, but I jumped into the deep end and the universe supported me.

The program was so compassionate and mind opening. I loved working in the group because we are mirrors of each other and this really encourages growth on all levels.

This works has been life-changing and has triggered a huge shift in my perspective. I had been working on my health from a nutrition point for years, but I now realise how vitally important the mind is to my well-being. I now feel confident, I have a growing client base, there’s movement in my money and more opportunities are constantly flowing into my life. I feel positive, my mind and body feel stronger and I am now excited about what each new day will bring.

Not only do I feel good inside but even the people around me notice the shift and comment how I am glowing and how healthy I look.

If you want more flow and ease in your life on any level, I really recommend working with Deborah. She teaches you how to find the key to the box of treasures you hold inside. I have so much more power than I ever realized to make my life happy, and I now have the tools to do so.

Nicolette Dolleman van Aarst
Integrative Nutritionist

Thank you for being an amazing mentor and guide! I see people differently, I see money so differently, and I see myself in a whole new light!

My husband adores you, too. This FLOW course has been the best marriage counseling! Thanks to this work, our communication and our marriage is better than ever.

Thank you for walking beside me and lighting the path. I am so grateful for you and your profound influence in my life, especially at this time of deep transformation and healing from many years of survival and stressed-out-mom mode.

I’m enjoying my life so much more and finally have that confidence and love, honor and respect for money and financial freedom and abundance! This is the yummy game of life that I have always wanted.

Margaret Caulford
Early Childhood Educator