Meet Deborah

Dr. Deborah Fryer is a money mindset mentor, spiritual business coach, and creator of the Anatomy of Money system for holistic wealth and well-being. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs break through subconscious mental, emotional and financial blocks and create soul-aligned 6- or 7-figure business with ease, speed, and confidence.

Deborah holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Princeton, and she is an award-winning filmmaker who has created content for PBS, NOVA, Frontline, the National Science Foundation, and other media channels. She has completed a post-baccalaureate pre-medical degree and has been teaching and practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years.

Deborah’s unique transformational model interweaves ancient wisdom, modern science, narrative medicine, proven mind-body practices, and creative visualization. Through speaking engagements, group and private coaching, courses, programs and international retreats, Deborah has helped thousands of business owners around the world transform their relationship to money, power and true wealth, and to rewrite their minds and bodies for consistent ease, abundance, freedom and flow.

Deborah is the author of Best Brain Hacks: 108 Scientific, Spiritual and Sensual Strategies for Success, Turn on Your Tap: Your Guide to Creating Effortless Flow and Abundance, and the forthcoming Anatomy of Money: The Inside Guide to True Wealth.

My unique way of coaching integrates mind and body, logic and magic, information and intuition, ancient wisdom and cutting edge neuroscience. I facilitate deep inner transformation that results in ease, abundance and energy so there’s more of YOU available for YOU to create and live the life of your dreams.

I can help you release your habitual fears and frustrations so that you have access to your original, brilliant, creative Self. You’ll learn to identify and shift subconscious limitations and conditions so that you re-connect to the essential you in YOU. Once you start living authentically and confidently as your real Self, your purpose, mission, vision and passion become clear. Self-sabotage stops. Painful patterns resolve. Satisfaction, prosperity and contentment become your new normal.

Clarity leads to confidence. Confidence leads to consistency. Consistency leads to creativity. Creativity leads to freedom. 

Being a visual storyteller is a gift that lets me witness the full spectrum of what it is to be alive, from incredible beauty to heartbreaking loss. Filmmaking has taught me about the power of perspective, deep listening, and the narrative arc of the stories we tell about ourselves and others.

As a filmmaker, I’ve learned to dance with light and dark, sound and silence, positive and negative, and to weave these elements into coherent, congruent narratives we call movies. Now I’m bringing the powerful language and tools of filmmaking into my coaching work. You’ll learn to visualize, change lenses, edit, apply filters, rewind, fast forward, color correct, mute the audio, change the score, lower the opacity, increase the saturation, and think in pictures so that you focus on what you want to see, be, do, feel and have.

You’re the writer, producer, director, wardrobe consultant and lighting designer of the movie that is your life. 

I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation since 1994. It’s the most powerful forklift I know for cultivating self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love. This ancient technology has been pivotal to my transformational and it’s a foundational pillar of my business. The interplay of mind, body and breath reveals your strengths and your weaknesses, how you walk with the masculine and the feminine, and how you allow life to flow through you (and how you block it).

My daily yoga and meditation practice has helped me transform depression into devotion, confusion into confidence, despair into discipline and fear into freedom. Deep bow to this profound wisdom that taught me to travel light, live light, spread the light and be the light.  I discovered the mind-body-money connection on my yoga mat. It’s my mission to share these prosperity teachings with as many people as possible.

“Within us lives the most calm, serene lake of wisdom, the most beautiful, powerful pond of kindness, compassion and clarity.  Let us understand and let us dive into it within ourselves.” ~Yogi Bhajan

Writer and Speaker

Your word is your wand. ~ Florence Scovell Shinn

I’ve been a lover of language since I started keeping a journal at age 12. I believe that writing things down is one of the fastest ways to describe and step into the future you want to create. Your beliefs, dreams, conversations and actions that become your experience.

Your subconscious is always awake and listening, and you are always talking to it, in the privacy of your own mind.

Your thoughts, your words are like the food you serve your soul. Are you feeding yourself a diet that’s life-affirming and nourishing? Are you consuming ideas of lack and limitation that give you indigestion and zap your energy? Thoughts and words, like food, create chemical changes in your brain and gut, and that chemistry affects your health, wealth and happiness. Words matter, because words create matter, I’m a frequent speaker on podcasts and summits, and the host of the weekly Anatomy of Money Live Show.

About the Anatomy of Money


This map is very special and personal to you. It reveals your inner landscape and the topography of your emotional range.

Once you understand how to read the map, you know exactly who you are, where you are now (you are here) and the fastest path to get to where you want to go. With this inner clarity and certainty, you’re in command of your domain. You set your course and go. Your orientation shifts from worry to wealth and from fear to freedom.

In 2013, Deborah was on the path to medical school and working in an Anatomy Lab. She was intimately studying, exploring and dissecting the interior of the human body and all its systems…when one morning at 4am, while deep in meditation, Deborah felt and saw in full technicolor the invisible energy system in her own body light up.

The ancient yogis describe these energies as chakras (wheels of energy). Deborah realized that the ancient model mapped exactly onto the modern cardiovascular, neurological and endocrine system model she’d been studying in the Anatomy Lab. She realized her own body was a living laboratory. Deborah saw how energy in the form of earth, water, fire, air and space was naturally flowing through every organ, cell and tissue in her body 24/7.

We experience these natural life-affirming rhythms and tides in the body as alternately contracting and expanding, squeezing and releasing, ebbing and flowing. When we don’t interfere, the energy naturally flows uninterrupted. But we are all conditioned to unconsciously block the energy from flowing because of past experiences that have taught us to fear, to doubt, to hesitate, and to hide. As a result, we unconsciously shrink, sabotage and feel stuck.

Our nervous system’s reaction to thoughts creates feelings that manifest as contraction — what we perceive as a block. This block feels solid, unmoveable and in the way — but in fact, the block is the way, as much as a rock in the middle of a river is part of the river.

As Deborah sat still in the vibrantly pulsating center of her being, she realized she was in the universe, and the universe was in her. She realized that she was part of something vast and infinite, and that vastness and infinite potential was inside her.

It’s inside you, too. Modern science and ancient spirituality are describing the same phenomena that energy is matter and matter is energy., and the two are in a intimate and inextricable dance. Einstein describes that direct relationship between energy and matter as e = mc2

The Anatomy of Money system was born. Deborah’s mission is to help you wake up to your true power, master your mindset so you orient towards true wealth, and live a life of ease, abundance, freedom and flow.

If you’re ready for radical transformation, embodiment, alignment and abundance, Deborah’s coaching, courses, programs, Anatomy of Money Labs and books offer step by step guidance to self-mastery and self-actualization.

When I first started working with Deborah, I was struggling with self-doubt, undercharging and scared to share my gifts in a big way.

After working through my money blocks with Deborah’s mentoring, I have surpassed 6 figures, had a $24K launch and it has become easier to offer my services, including consistently enrolling $3K VIP sessions. I now own my value, hold my clarity, trust my gifts, and live from my sacred power, knowing that I am here to change lives.

Mariangela Parrodi
Naturopath. Intuitive. Passion to Purpose Mentor

After working with Deborah, the fog has lifted! She worked her magic on my brain’s molecules and my spirit and showed me how to work my own magic, too.

Literally, the week after a private coaching session, I made $12,000. In. One. Week. And the next week, I closed another $6000 in sales. It was super easy.

I stayed fully open to receive all the coaching, insight, and neurojuju she had to offer, raised my rates, and grew my income – thanks, $18,000 month!

If you’re on the fence about enrolling in anything Deborah has to offer, leap into her arms right now. Abundance in all areas of your life will follow.

Brand & Business Coach,
Keynote speaker, Workshop Facilitator

I hired Deborah as my coach, and as a result, have been able to get into my money story and really explore some of my core wounds I had been avoiding.

I am finally seeing that as the full curator of my life, I also have full responsibility to take care of myself, my choices, my energy, and my attitude. Where I had been focusing on lack, I am now focusing on the abundant generosity of the world around me. I have finally found my optimism again.

I highly recommend working with Deborah Fryer! She is a gem of a coach. You won’t find anyone else out there quite like her. She combines neuroscience, spirituality, nature, business, and mindset into a beautiful cohesive program that allows you space to follow your own truth while being guided by someone who has clearly done her own work.”


I WAS REALLY STRUGGLING WITH MY PAST. Years ago, I was diagnosed with PTSD. Nothing helped. With Deborah as my coach, TAPPING has eliminated the stress from my trauma. COMPLETELY!

I now have the freedom to take responsibility for my life and choose happiness!! I can feel love!!! Deborah is sooo nurturing and epic in what she does. I have the freedom I have been searching for. Since our amazing sessions, I am happy. Period. Money is flowing in, joy is flowing in, every day has ease!!!

This is exactly what I needed to get on track with my life. Deborah specifically is the best I have worked with!!!!!”

Artist, Jewelry Designer

WHEN I STARTED WORKING WITH DEBORAH, I was struggling with low self-esteem, lack of direction, scarcity, and a feeling that I was not living up to my potential because something I couldn’t quite put my finger on was holding me back. I felt misunderstood, unappreciated, and undervalued at home and at work.

Since then, my income has doubled over the past year and creative collaborations are opening new doors for me.

I am becoming the person I long sensed was tucked away somewhere within me. I am more relaxed, confident and at peace with myself, better able to enjoy my time with friends, colleagues and loved ones, and seeing my life as a great gift to be cherished instead of a never-ending struggle.”