The life you dream is possible. It’s waiting for you to live it.

It’s time for you to experience your true wealth. Make great money doing what you love. Live your life on purpose on your terms. Know you’re making a difference. Feel safe being your unique, authentic, brilliant self.

Get ready to upgrade your beliefs, change your money story, and claim your true wealth.

You’re serious about radically changing your life—one belief at a time—so that you can be your most authentic, prosperous, inspired, created, happy self.

It’s your time. Let’s get started.

Private Coaching


Laser-focused mindset coaching for entrepreneurs committed to expanding into your next level leadership, authority and income so you can help more people NOW.

You’re like a race—horse streamlined, disciplined, impatient to run and on fire with desire to be free. You love growth, and you set your bar high.

Private coaching packages are for 6 or 12 months, and are by application only so we’re both sure that we’re a good fit.

Private VIP Day

Spend a day with me diving deep into the logical and magical aspects of your business.

We’ll map out your 6-figure+ year, identify gaps in your mindset and skillset, and tap into your deeper desires and potential.

Customized just for you and your dreams.

LOCATIONS: Sedona, Santa Fe, Boulder, Isla Mujeres, Belize

Anatomy of Money



12-month mentorship for creative, spiritual entrepreneurs committed to experiencing a quantum leap into your income, your impact, your influence, your energy, your confidence and your peace of mind.

This container provides spiritual and strategic skills and support for accelerated personal and professional growth.

Group VIP Day


Each group VIP day is open to 10 entrepreneurs max who are committed to deep introspection, shadow work, and radical honesty about your relationship with money. No mud, no lotus.

This is an opportunity to spend a day with me digging into your money story, rooting out subconscious patterns and doing the deep inner work normally only available to my private clients.

LOCATIONS: Sedona, Santa Fe, Boulder, Isla Mujeres, Belize

Anatomy of Money



Transform your relationship with money, so that it flows your way abundantly and consistently, and you enjoy it without guilt, apology, or selling your soul.

Join this live group class for a deep dive into uncovering the roots of your money story. Plant seeds for a healthy and vibrant relationship with wealth.

Anatomy of Money



Want to accelerate the flow of money, free time, energy and love in your life and business?

This 4-month group coaching container gives you next level practices and strategies to break through conditioned patterns of overwhelm, procrastination, impostor syndrome and self-sabotage.

I WAS STRUGGLING TO GET MY BUSINESS GOING, and was wrapped up in a lot of anxiety. I was trying to push through this anxiety, but without success. What I love most about this work is that it’s every-evolving, and I now have tools to deal with anxiety and self-doubt that comes up as my business is growing. My income has tripled. I’m feeling so much more confident and less anxious.”

Artist, Web Developer and Graphic Designer

When I joined the Anatomy of Money Quantum Leap programme, I had no idea how I would pay for it. Still, I knew that if I didn’t commit to changing my relationship with money, I would be in the same financial situation I had been in for decades.

I quickly developed a new mindset with Deborah’s support…and I made 11,000 dollars in one month. More than I’d made in the previous year working for a nonprofit.

If you are serious about changing your relationship to your self-imposed limitations and are ready to bask in the light of your divine beauty, then I highly recommend Deborah.

Writer, Editor

If you have a business and are ready to uplevel your overall confidence in mind, body, spirit then look no further you have just found a truly amazing soul, human and coach.

The AMQL community that Deborah has created is a powerful, inspiring group of like-minded souls who love and support one another and are lighting the way for the future of humanity.”

Brittany Nicole Maxey
Vedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Cosmic Jewelry Designer

I came to Anatomy of Money Retreat unconsciously feeling disempowered, overly responsible for others financially, and guilty for desiring to become a millionaire.

By the end of day two, my internal landscape had completely shifted. I felt empowered and powerful, I embodied forgiveness for my past money mis-takes, and I knew I was only responsible for myself financially. I believed in myself fully and completely again.”


WHEN I STARTED WORKING PRIVATELY WITH DEBORAH, I was struggling with feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and inadequacy.

I had just gone through a painful divorce from my partner of 20 years who had also been my professional partner for even longer.

Deborah’s vast scientific/intellectual background and expertise, combined with her many years as a filmmaker, gives her a unique visual/scientific way of thinking and speaking that I find amazingly effective. “Woo” techniques grounded in neuroscience, etymology and visual storytelling is the best way I can think to describe what Deborah does. It works. She is brilliant and I’m so grateful to know her.

For anyone struggling with their relationship to money, and/or their relationship to THEMSELVES, working with Deborah will lighten your heart, rewire your brain and help empower you to go be your best, most effective and impactful self.



Before our work together, I was terrified to raise my prices, charge my worth and I had zero boundaries with clients. I had a full business but I was working my ass off, barely able to pay myself anything or take time off without massive guilt, and I was making very little money.

Since working with Deborah, I’ve since raised my prices considerably and have strict boundaries in place. I’ve had my biggest earning months ever and I now have consistent income. I have tapped into more clarity and courage than ever, and have begun to build a much more sustainable business based on my creative skills and passions.”

Author & Book Coach

In the past year, I have increased the price of my sessions and am having more JOY and FUN with sales conversations.

I am seeing myself in a whole new light — I feel like I am exactly where I need to be and now have the freedom to create from a place of abundance and joy.

I loved my VIP day. As soon as I stepped into the warm embrace of Deborah’s energy and space, I immediately felt at home and open to creation. The day was dedicated to honoring my goals and more.

If you’re looking to up-level your business, I recommend Deborah because she teaches you to create success in a conscious, loving and truly heart-opening way that feels GOOD.


I SIGNED UP FOR THE ANATOMY OF MONEY ONLINE BECAUSE I WAS STRUGGLING WITH MY CAREER AND RELATIONSHIP, and was feeling overwhelmed with making a decision about where to invest my energy and how to transition out of my current work situation.

What I loved most about working with Deborah and this program was her very direct approach. Her ability to listen to all of us and synthesize our deeper yearnings. I loved that I felt heard.

After tapping, I felt incredible! The biggest transformation was feeling into the very real possibility of doubling my income and how much joy and freedom that is bringing me.”

Sound Healer