In this week-long video series, I will be guiding you through a number of fun, sensual, interactive exercises that will delight and surprise you. It’s all about noticing what is. Most of us notice the bad and we overlook the good. If you are someone who looks to other people for advice, approval and validation, then you are going to LOVE what we will be doing together because you are about to discover a huge, untapped reservoir of joy that is inside you.

This week’s video series is about SENSUALITY. It’s about listening to YOUR BODY.

This week’s free series also introduces you to your subconscious and how it supports or silently derails you from what you really want. You’ll get daily Anatomy 101 so you learn and understand how your body works from biological, physiological, anatomical and neurological perspectives. I f-ing love science, so you’ll get a healthy dose of geek in each video.

In addition, I’ll give you sexy suggestions on how to create inevitable pleasure and abundance in your life every day. We’ll do stuff that intrigues you, challenges you, and shines a big old halogen torch on those areas of your life where you really want to create change but are inadvertently in your own way.

Download the FREE interactive worksheet for today’s video here.