I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have been playing Pokemon Go.

Here’s why:

1. Because the animation is beautiful. The gestures and expressions of the creatures are so lifelike and funny, I’m continually amazed by the brilliance of the design. Beauty and creativity turn me on and this game offers both in spades.

2. Because this game is integrated with the camera on your phone, the line between reality (what you think is real) and creation (what’s real inside the game) is blurred. That’s so cool. Because when you get right down to it, you are making it all up anyway! Everything you are experiencing right now in your life is a result of the thoughts, beliefs, habits, and actions you have taken that have led you exactly here, to the middle of your particular woods. You created all of it. (If you want to create something different, I can help you with that!)

3. Because part of the game includes evolving and uplevelling. It’s fun to watch the critters transform into the next, even more beautiful, more powerful, more exotic versions of themselves. On a deeper level, I believe that this is secretly what we all want for ourselves — to transform and uplevel and become even more awesome versions of who we already are.

4. Because the characters have superpowers. Some are psychic. Others use their shadow power. Some bite. Others throw fire or overpower with water. Others use their breath, or create blizzards of petals. Interacting with these imaginary creatures reminds me of all the elemental super powerful qualities that are already within me.I know, it’s a silly little video game, but it’s a great big metaphor for the creative, powerful life that out there’s waiting for you to grab it.

What’s your superpower?

In service of science and spirit, I am,