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When we listen into our vision, and we write things down, and we focus on what we are dreaming into creating, then nothing else matters. All the doubts, all the fears, anything that’s in the way of us believing in what we really desire to create and have, it’s all just noise.

When I used to fail or something didn’t go exactly how I wanted, I thought it meant, “This means that the universe doesn’t want me to do this.” I blamed the universe. That’s such a wasted opportunity. If something doesn’t go the way that you want it go, that means there’s something wonderful to learn there. How can I tweak this so that this can be successful?

The journey that led me here was this core belief that everything is possible. If I think I can figure it out, say yes and then figure it out afterward. I do believe that visualization and picturing the thing and living in it and feeling into it as if it’s already so creates what’s so.

Trust and allow yourself to invest even when you don’t perceive you have the resources, because it’s all a limitation of the mind, and somehow when you trust and make a leap of faith, it works out. Give yourself permission to stretch beyond what appears to be comfortable or doable.

When I bring my joy and my energy and I do things in my business that light me up, my business grows. It’s not rocket science but it’s kinda like rocket science, like a brain explosion. I intentionally played every day and started having financially my best months. And I’ve had a blast doing what I’m guided to do.

The more I show up as me – put me out there in ways I didn’t think were possible – it always manifests as business. The more you show up and put yourself out there in a way feels scary, that’s how you know you’re on the right track.

It’s amazing what happens when you lean into yourself. You realize you’re co-creating with a power greater than yourself that wants to you win. It all started from a commitment to tackling what I didn’t like in myself. It’s scary but I have grown to love that part. When I’m feeling my nerves get a little shaky, I know I’m on the right path. 

I wish I could say I had this whole big plan, but the truth is it’s all happening via intuition. I get a hit, follow up with the hit and then more momentum happens and then I take my next step. It’s building itself as I go. I don’t have to come with it all ahead of time. It’s just gently unfolding in an easeful way, which is so liberating.