Due to popular request, I’m teaching a special series of classes on PROSPERITY. PRO in Latin means “forward, towards.” SPER comes from the verb that means “to hope, expect, anticipate.” Prosperity means looking ahead with optimism, with excited anticipation. It’s about relaxing into the inner knowing that we expect to be fully supported in all we do. It’s an awareness that our true wealth is inside of us.

In each class, we’ll do a kundalini yoga set and meditations specifically designed to balance various chakras (energy centers in the body). When these energy centers are out of alignment, we can feel blocked, stuck, angry, anxious and depressed. We feel that there’s never enough time, never enough money, never enough love, you fill in the blank with your favorite lack. When we are balanced, on the other hand, we open ourselves to the flow of life so that abundance, ease, happiness, money and grace move through us as regularly and effortlessly as breath.

In addition to the ancient yogic practices of movement, meditation, mudra (hand positions), mantra (chanting) and pranayam (breath work), I’ll be bringing in cutting edge neuroscience to help you literally rewire your brain so you can turn your fear into fuel. Tapping – also known as an emotional freedom technique – is a revolutionary technique for creating physical and emotional well-being. You are literally tapping into your nervous system. You will discover that you have the power in your own hands to heal your self. You’ll notice that you begin defaulting to happiness automatically. You can’t help but lead with optimism and enthusiasm. I’ll help you break through blocks and beliefs that have been holding you back your whole life.

With these ancient and modern technologies that harness the power of the mind, you’ll experience transformation beyond belief.

Pre-pay: $25 for Rally members/$35 for non-members (includes use of club for the day)

Drop-in Day of Class: $35 for Rally members/$45 for non-members (includes use of club for the day)

If you want to pre-register and save $10, email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you instructions on how to send payment.

I am very exited about this series because it brings together all my passions: yoga, meditation, chanting, neuroscience, anatomy, live gong, storytelling, visualization and letting soul drive.