Definition of a Magnet: a body, as a piece of iron or steel, that possesses the property of attracting certain substances, as iron. A magnet produces a magnetic field that is invisible but clearly exerts a force that is attracting or repelling.

Make your Self internally as strong as steel and from that inner place of strength and solidity, you will develop the power to attract what you want. Like Samurai swords, being in the fire makes us stronger. Bending and not breaking makes us stonger. Welcome the challenges because they are opportunities for you to grow, refine and get clear. The magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the brain. Work on developing your heart. Your daily rhythms. The pulsation of You. It’s uniquely yours. Trust it.


1. CLARITY – Get clear and laser focussed on WHAT you want, and WHY you want it. If you are not clear on WHY you want it, you will have a hard time energetically drawing it towards you because your internal conviction will be weak. The HOW is none of your business, so forget about figuring out how you will make it happen. Work on yourself from the inside for now, and put your energy and intention towards figuring out the WHAT and the WHY.

A lot of people have a hard time on getting on what they want. Instead, they spend their energy thinking about what they DON’T WANT. I advise against this. Why? Because whatever you water, grows. And neurologically, we know that the more you think thoughts, the stronger those neural paths become. So stop draining your energy on what’s not working for you and everything you don’t have and instead, turn your attention towards what you DO WANT. See it in your mind’s eye clearly. Eliminate everything else. Write it down. Look at what you wrote. Embellish. Meditate on what you see before you. It’s on paper now, and also in your imagination. Keep embellishing and adding details until your vision is crystal clear.

IMG_2732-300x2252. FOCUS ON THE FEELING – What is the feeling you will experience from what you want to manifest?

For example, I have always wanted a second home in the mountains. I have been meditating on this for years, looking at real estate listings, driving around neighborhoods and looking at houses or condos I fantasize about buying some day. I have visualized looking out the windows of my imaginary new home and seeing an expansive view of the craggy snow-capped peaks. I have visualized hiking in high meadows resplendent with wildflowers, and felt the incline of the hike in my mind, smelled the meadow, felt the sun and sweat on my skin, tasted the quench of water on a hot day. This month, a friend who lives in the mountains texted me she was going away on vacation for two weeks, and offered me her lovely home. Voila. This did not come in the way I imagined it. I had imagined that I would be buying a piece of property myself, that I would have to earn the money for the down payment, that I would have to spend days with a real estate agent looking at dozens of places before I found the perfect one. What showed up for me was even better. A whole house, with magnificent views, for free. A well-equipped kitchen, hiking trails right out the door, dog-friendly. What I manifested was so much better than anything I had even imagined. In other words, get really clear on the essence or form of what you want to imagine.

Again, I see a lot of people I work with going about this backwards. When I ask, “How do you want to feel?,” they answer by telling me how they DON’T want to feel. This is just a habit, and you can create a new habit of allowing yourself to feel what feels good, instead of defaulting to what feels bad. I realize that when this is the default, it’s because that’s the most familiar path. You are reading this post right now because you want to get on a new path. Or you are already on the path you want, but you need a little course correction so you can get there faster with fewer bumps in the road. Trust me. Feel what feels good and create from that place.

3. Ask for what you want OR SOMETHING BETTER. The “or something better” is an awesome tag to every wish, desire and longing you declare because it makes room for more than you have ever imagined. It’s all out there, so why limit yourself?

rose-3waHuaQXRsCuMiUYzARw_IMG_3379-300x2004. Love and INTEND TO RECEIVE what you want. This is a biggie. A lot of people say they want X, but their subconscious is working overtime behind the scenes yelling “you don’t deserve that, you will never have that, that’s impossible for you,” and all kind of other critical, disempowering thoughts that take the wind right out of your sails. Train yourself to believe it’s coming. Feel as though it has already arrived. Feeling and broadcasting the joy of receiving is way more magnetic that broadcasting rejection, scarcity, and confidence that you are not worth it. The journey of getting there is BEING there already. It’s not woo. It’s creating new neural paths that will get stronger the more you use them. The neurons that fire together, wire together. And when you sleep, your brain is doing clean up, and strengthening the paths you travel the most, so choose the empowering path, not the demoralizing one.

IMG_0958-300x2255. BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE to have, be, do feel what you are asking for. If what you are asking for is too big of a stretch for you to imagine, then start with a smaller vision. For example, if the idea of coming up with the down payment to buy a house feels completely impossible and absurd right now because you are still struggling to pay your rent and cover your monthly bills, focus on the amount of money you need to cover all your expenses easily every month. Or, say you want to take a big trip to a faraway destination like Bali, but the expense and time commitment feels overwhelming to you, you will unconsciously push that idea far away. You will repel the idea and it won’t be able to reach you. So instead, focus on a smaller pleasure that you can easily imagine, like getting a massage at a lovely spa. Start by allowing yourself to imagine and receive small amounts of pleasure. The more you receive, the more you expand your capacity to receive.

The more you practice manifesting and magnetizing smaller desires, the more confident you become in manifesting and magnetizing bigger, more expensive things and the easier it becomes.

cloudsphoto-1438045809872-34a58ff469f6-300x1746. RELEASE YOUR NEED to have it fulfilled in any particular way. A desire gently and irresistibly draws you towards it, like the enticing smell of freshly baked cookies lures you into the bakery. A desire is like a hug. It arouses you and comforts you and feels good to receive. It’s not a yank. It’s not violent. Release the attachment to needing what you are asking for. Stop pushing and pulling and yanking that desire. Let yourself instead follow the delight of the desire. You might walk in that bakery door, or you might walk past. You still got to experience the sensual pleasure of smelling the baked goods. Maybe as you are walking by, someone comes out with a tray of free samples, and you get your desire fulfilled in an even better way than you imagined. In other words, allow the desire, feel the pleasure, and surrender to that. Notice that the desire and the pleasure of anticipating the desire is all you. You created the desire. You created the feeling of receiving it. You imagined the essence of it. All of that came from within YOU. Can you see how you can create this state all by yourself, without needing anything outside of yourself to make it happen?

greenblueeye-photo-1467400755985-87991fa9e2b2-300x1697. BELIEVE IT WHEN YOU SEE IT. Many people have a hard time magnetizing what they want because they are going about it exactly backwards. They start with “I’ll believe it when I see it.” In other words, they are looking for proof outside of themselves. Manifestation works because you start with the power of your belief. Ultimately this comes down to you believing in yourself. Not the thing you want that’s outside of you. When you believe that you deserve it, that you are worth it, that you are valuable, that you matter, THEN you open the doors to receiving. As long as you broadcast that you are undeserving, that you are unworthy, that you don’t matter one whit to the world, you receive exactly that much goodness into your life.

Try these simple tips and let me know what shows up for you!