Every day, do one thing that scares you.
Create the business you want.
Travel the world.
Laugh so hard you wet your pants.
Dance naked in the jungle.
Make peace with money.

Face your fears, whatever they are.

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Deborah with iguanasI could not stop screaming and clutching my throat like I was going to die. The herpetologist told me to calm down and breathe. He said if I was calm, the iguanas would calm down, too.

I didn’t believe him. I kept crying for help and swearing a blue streak.

“Breathe,” he said.

I finally managed to get control of my emotional state and the iguanas felt it.

This was the result. Everybody smiling. Everybody chilling. There are at least FIVE iguanas in me in this picture, BTW. This was a great lesson in learning that what we project is what we create. It’s so much more fun to be in love than in fear.