I got so inspired by the altars I had created to inspire me that they worked! And I totally forgot about the extension cord!

So after taking in all that beauty and love, I continued on upstairs to look for the extension cord and I didn’t find it. But I did find a bottle of the essential oil called BELIEVE. I love how there are no coincidences. I hadn’t even realized that that bottle had gone missing. I found it in the bottom of a wicker laundry basket that was full of stuff I thought I needed to go through to either save, file or throw away. The lid of the bottle was cracked so at first I thought that the oil had all evaporated. But the bottle was still full, so then I realized that the lid had just been screwed on too tight. It had cracked because IT HAD TO. A rose won’t bloom if it stays wrapped in cellophane the whole time. A sprout grows in darkness for as long as it can, but it needs to crack the seedpod open to get out and bloom. So it is with our beliefs. We have to let our genies out of the bottle and give them room to expand.

I’m still looking for an extension cord, and that word keeps echoing in my head. Extension cord. Wanting to extend my self. Yes, there’s a practical need to plug in my laptop so its battery can recharge, but I can’t help but notice the play on words. I want to serve more. I want to expand more into the world and share my gifts more broadly, more fully than I have allowed myself to do before. I want to believe that extension is possible.