3 FREE and Easy Ways to Create Abundance in 5 Minutes or Less

1. BREATHE. Close your eyes. Inhale through your nose. Relax your jaw. Feel where the air caresses the nostrils on the way in. Pause at the top of the inhale and enjoy that floaty feeling at the top of the in breath. Slowly exhale through the nostrils. Feel where the air touches the nostrils on its way out of the body. Pause at the bottom of the exhale. Notice that the next breath is inevitable. The body does this all on its own. It keeps filling itself up with fresh breath, over and over, It’s impossible to hold your breath out for very long because the body wants to receive. Notice how much the body wants to receive. Notice also that the body wants to release the breath just as much as it wants to take it in, and the body knows how to do this all by itself. All you are doing in this exercise is simply getting out of the way. Let the body breathe. Let the body fill up, be nourished, and receive newness with each breath. Let go with each exhale of what no longer serves you.


  1. MINDFULNESS PRACTICE. You are already sitting in your chair focusing on your breath, so let’s open your mind to more sensation and. Lean back, and feel the support of the chair beneath and behind your whole body. Become aware of the back of your neck, your shoulder blades, your rib cage, your low back, your shoulders, your forearms, your hands, your butt, your sit bones, your thighs, your ankles, your feet. Feel how your bones are supporting you from the inside. Feel how the chair is supporting you from the outside. You can relax into the chair, and begin to trust that gravity will support you. Let gravity receive you. The strong you, the anxious you, the procrastinating you, the restless you, the brilliant you, the creative you, the fearful you, the resistant you. All of you. With each exhale let your self sink deeper and more completely into gravity’s lap. Become soft as wax as you melt into the feeling of being held and supported unconditionally. There’s nothing to do in this moment but receive support. How much more support are you willing to allow yourself to receive in this way?


  1. FEEL YOUR HEART. Travel deeper into your body and feel your heart beating. Feel that pulsation in you that is uniquely yours. Focus on where the heart beat starts, in the middle of chest. Let your awareness rest gently there, right at the point of where the pulsation starts. Notice that it’s continuous, everpresent, rhythmic. Does it have a color? A texture? What do you notice about watching your heart beat from your inner eye? What do you notice about the feeling in your chest? Follow the feeling from the center point as it radiates out across the front of the body, blooming like a daisy up into the throat, down into the belly. See if you can feel the heart also beating in the back of the body, against the back ribs. Let the heart relax into the pillows of the lungs. Follow the sensation of the heartbeat down the arms, into the armpits, the elbows, the palms. Follow it down into the stomach, the groins, the knees, the soles of the feet. Follow it up into the neck, the temples, the cheeks, the crown. Notice how your heart keeps supporting you, bringing fresh oxygen through the body to the bones, the organs, the tissues. Again, you don’t have to do anything to feel this internal richness except allow yourself to feel you.

Notice how paying attention to something as close as your breath, your bones, and your heartbeat can create such ease in your being. Sometimes we (over)think it has to be hard to create ease in the body. We make up stories that we have to do more, earn more money, get more clients, work harder. I challenge you to start doing less and to start being with yourself more and see what happens.
Try this practice every day for a week and let me know how it goes. I want to hear what comes up for you when you being to receive more support that is already there for you. Everything you want and is already inside of you. The secret to creating abundance begins with recognizing all the abundance that you already have, and that starts with paying attention to your body and how it supports you 24/7/365 whether you acknowledge it or not. Start spending five minutes a day acknowledging your body, being grateful for all the ways it takes care of you, and notice what happens.