What you really need is a happy, liberated, creative life. The creative power in you is childlike, and creativity equals money. ~ Stuart Wilde

I’m just back from leading an off the charts retreat in Belize with my high-end VIP clients and I’m on fire with new content that is being birthed right now. 

One of the adventures we had together was visiting a blue morpho butterfly farm. Six of these chrysalises are in the process of transformation. The two on the far left have already emerged into the next most beautiful version of their liberated selves.

Which one are you?

I want to share a bit about the blue morpho butterfly life cycle because it pertains to you, your business, your mindset and your transformation.

A blue morpho begins as a tiny egg that looks like a dewdrop protected on the underside of a leaf. The egg develops into a hairy red and yellow caterpillar that feeds on the antplant, which contains 1% cyanide — enough poison to make the caterpillars toxic to birds.

When the caterpillar is ready to transform into a butterfly, it stops eating the poisonous plant that has been its steady diet. It puts its head down, weaves a cocoon around its body, and literally dissolves into jelly inside this emerald temple. As the caterpillar digests itself, the imaginal cells of its core being become the eyes, the antenna, the body and the iridescent blue wings of the beauty that is evolving.

What does this have to do with you?

Neuroscientists have an acronym ANT which stands for “automatic negative thinking.” Like the caterpillar, we humans also dine on a steady diet of automatic negative thoughts that sound like this:

I can’t afford that.

Nobody loves me.

I don’t matter.

That won’t work.

I don’t have time.

I’m overwhelmed.

Why bother?

Those ANTs are running in your subconscious mind 30-50,000 times a day and affecting everything you do. We are wired to look for negativity first because it’s our earliest survival programming. Your income, your self-esteem, your happiness, your stress level and your creativity are all governed by your automatic negative thinking aka your survival programming. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t — you’re right.”

Automatic negative thinking convinces you that you can’t and so you won’t, and when you decide you won’t, you never will.

The problem with living on a diet of negativity is that it poisons you and it poisons those around you. You know how it feels to be around someone who constantly whines, complains, blames, argues, and insists on being the victim? They’re not fun to be around. They’re defensive. They give off a toxic vibe that’s hard to stomach. (Maybe you even notice that you are that toxic person yourself sometimes?)

We all go through a phase in our development where we are that defensive, prickly caterpillar feeding on the poisonous ANTplant of our subconscious programming. Automatic negative thoughts are beliefs we keep thinking over and over so consistently, they become habits.

We believe our negative thoughts are true, and we insist on being right about everything that’s wrong. We don’t even realize that our automatic way of thinking is toxic and self-limiting. Until we do.

If you’ve read this far, I know that you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re done consuming negativity. You are ready for transformation, which is part of the natural order of life. You are ready to fly.

At a certain point, we choose to stop dining on negativity so that we can transform from poisonous personality to beautiful butterfly.

The ego’s old stories dissolve and we integrate cell by cell into the next version of who we are destined to become. Like the butterfly, you have imaginal cells – the seeds of your dreams, desires and creative projects — that be birthed from the core of you.


There’s an essential, beautiful, magnificent you patiently waiting to emerge once the layers of negativity and nay-saying dissolve.

This is what inspired me to create my brand new course THE NEUROSCIENCE OF SALES.

Most people struggle with sales because they think that if they could just get good at sales, all their money problems would be solved. They think if they could just learn to handle objections and get good at closing, if they just had the perfect sales script, if they could just get more clients, all their troubles would go away. 

This is a form of automatic negative thinking, my friends, and I’m here to help you set your mind straight about what you are selling, why you are selling it, and to whom you are selling it.

You want to master sales? Master your soul first. If you don’t heal your money shizz at the core level, you come off sounding and feeling sleazy, pushy, inauthentic and repulsive.

THE NEUROSCIENCE OF SALES is not your typical sales program.

I’m not going to give you scripts to use on your clients. I’m going to show you how you talk to yourself so that you stop sabotaging you.

I’m not going to teach you to convince your clients to buy from you. I’m going to teach you how to dance with your own objections to yourself so that you stop cutting yourself down and insisting on an incompetent, helpless version of you.

I’m not going to help you get good at closing. I’m going to help you get good at opening the door to your greatness. You’re standing at the edge of your potential. I’m here to tell you it’s okay — in fact necessary — for you to want what you want and go for it.

Before you can get good at selling to other people, you have to master what you are selling to yourself.

Mastering your money mindset is mandatory and non-negotiable if you want to lead a happy, healthy and wealthy life. All the money in the world will not heal the deeper unrest that’s coming from your soul. 

If you want to get good at sales, the first step is training your brain to acknowledge the subconscious ANTs that have gotten you this far. 

When you master the neuroscience of sales, you stop selling yourself short. You stop arguing for your limitations. You stop letting fear drive. Those automatic negative thoughts were valuable up to a certain point in your growth, and you’re grateful to them to carrying you this far. But now, you’re ready for what’s next. You’re ready to humbly put your head down and surrender to the transformation that is inevitable.

It’s your time to spread your wings and take on a whole new way of being in the world.

I’ve shared this content with my private clients for years, but it’s brand new for me to be sharing it in a bigger way with the general public. This makes me feel vulnerable and a little scared because any time we do something for the first time, it’s scary. 

I feel my fear and I am flying anyway.

I’ve chosen FIVE specific areas to focus on in this course because these are the most tenacious money blocks I regularly see with my clients: Money, Time, Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism and Procrastination.


If you wrestle with any of these objections, you need this class. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how and why your subconscious mind is sabotaging you and you’ll learn cutting edge mind-body tools that dissolve the stickiest blocks that are holding you back. 

These money blocks happen to be the exact same top 5 objections we entrepreneurs frequently hear during enrollment conversations. Except when you’re on a sales call, it sounds like this:

1. I can’t afford it.
2. I don’t have time.
3. I don’t have anything to offer (aka I don’t matter aka I feel like a fraud)
4. Nothing ever works for me.
5. I’m not ready.

Do you hear yourself echoing any of these objections? If the answer is yes, how much longer are you willing to live in a state of perpetual lack? Do you see why it’s so important for you to dissolve the blocks within yourself? 

These top 5 misperceptions are preventing you from growing and receiving all the abundance that is here for you. 

You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings.
Learn to use them and fly.
~ Rumi

Here’s everything you need to know about this
Anatomy of Money Immersion


FIVE GROUP SESSIONS ~ August 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 1:30-2:30 pm Mountain Time. Access info will be sent to you after you register for this Immersion. 

FIVE .mp3 RECORDINGS ~ All calls will be recorded and recordings are yours to keep forever (as long as you save and download them to your desktop). Tapping has been clinically proven to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to change your brain, reduce cortisol, and heal trauma that gets stored in the body. These recordings are a valuable resource in your success library. 

BONUS 30-minute Private session to be scheduled at your convenience through August 31.

BONUS Prosperity Meditations delivered to your inbox weekly.

BONUS Tuition Waiver to the Anatomy of Money LIVE! A powerful 3-day transformational retreat held in Boulder, CO from October 31-November 2. Investment to attend is usually $997 per person, but we’re waiving the tuition for you and a friend so that you can amplify your money mindset mojo with other creative, spirit-led visionary women who are building conscious, sustainable 6-figure and beyond businesses. 

But truly, the most valuable things you’ll receive from this class are:

• 5 ways to be more magnetic to money
• The #1 thing you’re doing that’s repelling money and clients 
• A clinically proven way to tap into a constantly flowing stream of wealth and abundance
• How to recognize your own subconscious patterns so that you transform victimhood into victory
• The secret sauce to consistent cashflow
• How to live in peace instead of in pieces.
• Plus much more money mindset mojo for negotiation, confidence, compassion and self-mastery

WORKING ONE-ON-ONE WITH DEBORAH is one of the best investments of my time and money I've made in my life. I've gotten so much out of it, it's hard to sum up in words. 

My income has quadrupled while working less hours than ever before, and most importantly, I get to serve clients I adore every single day. Through our work together, I discovered so many holes in my old thinking and the utterly destructive patterns I'd been carrying around like heavy bricks about money and serving my clients that go back generations if not eons.

Since our first sessions, I began vibrating into right alignment with the truth of what I was offering my clients, and incredible clients began coming to me, as if by magic. I feel joyful for the first time about every aspect of my work and my business.

If you have ever had doubts about your value, or what you were put on this earth to contribute or create, hire Deborah. Like a master archeologist, she will help you unearth the beliefs and patterns that do not serve, and together, you will tap into a whole new way of feeling and thinking that will make your life feel like magic.


I've completely stopped giving my power away to people or circumstances to determine how I feel about myself or what is possible for me. This is the greatest experience of liberation I've had in my life to date.

If joy, ease, freedom, hope, empowerment, and increased self-worth are what you’re looking for, along with increased financial abundance to boot, you’ve come to the right place. Deborah is a gem of the highest order. Work with her now.

Relationship Coach


What are the dates of this class?
Group calls will be held August 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 1:30-2:30 pm Mountain Time. Your BONUS 30-minute 1:1 session will be scheduled at your convenience through August 31. 

I can’t make all of the live classes. Can I still take this class?

Absolutely! All live calls are recorded and sent to you within 24 hours. Download the replays and keep them forever so you have the tools you need for the rest of your life to stay in the vibration of abundance, ease, confidence and compassion. Block out this the dates and times for this class now, and show up as much as you can. Trust that you will receive exactly what you need.

Will you do a trade?
No. You want to transform and heal your relationship with money so it’s important that you face your money demons directly and learn to dissolve them so they don’t have power over you. You want to make more money, you need to get comfortable having it, earning it, saving it, spending it, investing it. The invitation is for you to wholeheartedly commit to discovering and owning your worthiness. When you make the leap to invest in your future, you’re informing your subconscious mind, “I want this. I deserve this. I choose this.” If you feel called to clear your wounds around your worth and your wealth, then honor that desire. Be open to resources and inspirations known and unknown that make it possible for you to participate in this program. When people ask if I will do a trade, what their subconscious is really saying is, “I can’t afford this.” You can afford this. What you can’t afford is to keep sabotaging your dreams.

How much time will this class take?
Each live call lasts about an hour. The meditations and tapping takes about 15 minutes a day. That said, once you start practicing the processes and tools you’ll learn in this class, you’re going to love paying attention all day long to your words, your thoughts, your body language, and your emotions around money because that’s the path to your freedom. The more you practice what you learn in this class, the better you’ll feel. The better you feel, the more worthy you feel (it is your birthright to feel good, after all!). The more worthy you feel, the more magnetic you become. The more magnetic you are, the more attractive you are to opportunities, ideal clients and money. 

Can I get a refund?
No. This program is non-refundable. It’s an intense opportunity for a handful of super-committed individuals committed to shifting their money story for good. This class is limited to 10 people max, so if you want in, be all in. Your participation matters. Decide you’re going to turn over every stone that you’ve been scared to look under when it comes to money, power, your authority and you being rich. Do the deep inner work to uncover your disempowering patterns and conditioned habits around money, wealth and your value. Expect to encounter your own resistance. It’s there to serve you so celebrate it when it arises. The powerful mind-body tools we’ll be using can radically shift your mindset and your wealth consciousness if you consistently engage with the class.

Will this class be offered again?
This is the only time this class will be offered in 2019. 

How is this different from other coaching?
We use combo of ancient wisdom and modern science to get underneath the stories your brilliant, analytical mind makes up and thinks are true. We help you see your subconscious programming so that you can identify the patterns that have been keeping you stuck. The mind-body tools we use have been clinically shown to change your brain, reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), and result in greater levels of satisfaction, contentment and happiness. One of the main tools we use is EFT – emotional freedom technique or tapping – which has been shown to produce lasting transformation significantly faster than traditional talk therapy. I am not a therapist. I am trained as a tapping coach, have a PhD in Comparative Literature, am an award-winning filmmaker, and have been a student and practitioner of mind-body and energy medicine for the past 25 years. 

How long does it take to change the brain?
There’s a saying in neuroscience: The neurons that fire together wire together. Translation: the more you repeat a thought, the thicker that neural pathway becomes until the thought becomes a habit, a reflex, an unconscious reponse. Scientists estimate we think our subconscious automatic negative thoughts 30-50,000 times a day x 365 day/year x your age = a multilane super highway of negative, disempowering thoughts dominating your subconscious mind. You didn’t develop those thoughts overnight — you’ve been working on those beliefs your whole life — so it’s going to take time to clear your blocks. So how long does it take to change your brain? That depends on the person and their consistency, determination and commitment to change. Psychology research from the European Journal of Social Psychology says it takes 66 days on average (some people take over 200 days) to form a new habit. Dr. Peta Stapleton, a leading EFT researcher, has found that people practicing EFT achieve the same results in 8 weeks that others experience after 6 months of talk therapy. 

How is this Immersion different from the Anatomy of Money Online?
The Anatomy of Money Online is an introduction to the mind-body-money connection. You get the high-level view of how your conscious and subconscious mind operate. You receive a taste of some powerful brain training techniques, such as tapping, journaling, visualizing, pranayama, yoga, reframing and gratitude practice. With the introductory Anatomy of Money Online, you dip your pinky toe into the water. You discover that your subconscious mind has been running — and perhaps ruining – your life without you realizing it. With the Immersion, you’re diving in. I’ve chosen FIVE specific areas to focus on in this course because these are the most tenacious money blocks I regularly see with my clients: Money, Time, Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism and Procrastination. We don’t cover these topics in depth in any other course. 

Do I need to take the Anatomy of Money Online before diving into the Immersion?
No. If you’ve landed on this page, I trust you can swim. The material we cover in the Immersion is different from and complementary to the material we cover in the introductory class. We offer AM Online about three times a year so you’ll have the opportunity to take that class again. Many people have taken the Anatomy of Money Online multiple times because they are in a different place in their growth, so they receive new nuggets each time. 

Do you have other questions about this program?  Please email me.

I SIGNED UP FOR THE ANATOMY OF MONEY CLASS because I was struggling with money. For years, my relationship to money was not balanced. I knew I was in need of a mentor to help me find the money wounds. I would make money but I didn't feel like it was safe to keep it in my account.

What I loved most about working with Deborah was her honesty and open heart. She was able to identify deep-rooted beliefs that had been created since I was a little girl. Her laser coaching and class content allowed the deep wounds to be seen and healed.

I discovered that I was blocking money by not feeling safe with it. I also realized that the loss I had experienced as a three-year-old was deeply connected to my fear of new big expansion and growth. Thanks to this work, I feel Relief. Gratitude. Pleasure. Joy. A new found freedom with money, love, and life!

Within weeks of completing this class, I found myself open to signing clients for large financial commitments. In fact, my business has grown so much that I just opened my own space for working with clients in a more intimate way with small groups. I went from wondering if I would draw clients to attracting clients who immediately pay top dollar for my work as a healer, mystic and breathworker!

I am forever grateful for the light Deborah shined on my wounds. Her trust of the healing process has allowed me to expand beyond anything I could imagine in such a short time. Her dedication to the work she brings to the world inspires me to know that anything is possible.

Katrina Elkins, Spiritual Author, Mystic and Healer

UNTIL I MET DEBORAH, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about what was keeping me from dramatically increasing my income. I discovered that I believe my money comes from other people AND I have to put up with their shenanigans so I can be okay financially. OMG.

After working with Deborah in a private group, the fog has lifted! She worked her magic on my brain’s molecules and my spirit and showed me how to work my own magic, too. Literally, the week after a coaching session, I made $12,000. In. One. Week. And the next week, I closed another $6000 in sales. It was super easy.

My mindset abut money has shifted 180 degrees thanks to Deborah’s transformational way of coaching.

I want every entrepreneur to sign up for Deborah's Anatomy of Money class right now so you can live your superpower and make money doing it. Go forth and prosper.

Brand and Business Coach

I SIGNED UP FOR THE ANATOMY OF MONEY because outside of a (fun but very poorly paid) mural, I had almost no work for almost 6 months. I had to do something. I knew I had a lot of deep issues around money, but couldn't pinpoint exactly what was going on. The first time I heard Deborah speak, I was impressed. I thought "this woman is onto something." I left thinking "I should really do this"... but I am the queen of procrastination ... and when you're draining your bank account the last thing you want to do is spend money. 

What I loved about the course was that it shone a spotlight on very specific beliefs I had. You can't work with your subconscious beliefs if you don't know what they are, and I never could see them before. I love the scientific approach.

Through the work we did, it became obvious and clear that lack of money was just a symptom of old embedded beliefs I had been carrying about men, money, relationships, myself, that I had never been able to shift in the past. I've done a ton of personal growth work, and had somewhere along the line accepted that this is just how things are.

Since the course, work is coming to me nonstop. And the work I'm getting is the stuff I love - painting murals, good design jobs. I'm turning away work for the first time in years! I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that all I did was tap for a few months on my subconscious beliefs and this is happening.

More than that, I feel more integrated and more whole in general. How I feel in my day to day life is a little lighter, it all flows a little more easily. I experience more general well-being than before. Clearing old painful issues means I'm not carrying them around anymore.

The course opened the doors and windows - the possibilities are endless. I can change bedrock subconscious belief structures through tapping. It's my hot new tool in the toolbox and it is truly effective, a rocket ship to changing old patterns. Through working with Deborah, I now know it's possible to change things and how to do it quickly and effectively.

This has f*ing changed my world. I have a solution that works! What a goddamn miracle!

Thank you, Deborah. I am so deeply grateful for this gift of freedom!

Peggy Sands, Artist and Graphic Designer

I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE GOTTEN THE CHANCE to work with Deborah Fryer and learn so so much about my relationship with money. I became aware of my pre-programmed family beliefs around money and realized that I was in a very interesting relationship with money (like I would be with a boyfriend).

I had a laser coaching session with Deborah once and she got me to write a check. I will be receiving that exact amount within the next few months!!!! The wisdom she offers overflows from there… I love working with her and I’m so thankful to be exposed to her gifts and talents so I can live a more happy and peaceful life.

I’ve been doing tapping daily, and it has helped me heal and let go of the triggers with my family tremendously. It has changed my life. I had to heal that stuff in order to heal my brain and the only way that helped has been tapping. I use the scripts from the classes I’ve done with you.

I thought it was all about money but realized it’s literally about rewiring the foundation of my beliefs. Thank you!!!! Your service is so important for healing the planet!”

Gurudarshan Khalsa
Artist • Guide • Meditation Coach