with Deborah J Fryer, PhD


Money mindset mastery, just like anything else, takes practice, discipline, consistency, commitment and courage.


Want more money mojo?

Learn how to MIND your BUSINESS so it’s sustainable, creative, prosperous and fun. Flip your money story in 5 days with these powerful brain hacks for wealth.


Challenge yourself to give your mindset a total money makeover. Reboot your brain for prosperity and rewrite your money story in 5 days.


Day 1: FOCUS
Warmups for wealth
~Get out of your own way and warm up your money mojo so you’re attractive to money

Day 2: ON
Bicep curls for your brain
~Train your money mindset muscles so you’re more confident with money

Resistance training
~Master this secret superpower to making more money faster. Adding resistance to your brain training is the fastest way to 10x your income

Day 4: MORE
Pick up the pace
~Use speed and momentum to keep uplevelling your income and your energy so that your prosperity is inevitable.  

Day 5: MONEY
Finish strong
~Learn to predict your money future with 100% accuracy, clarity and confidence. 

Join the 5-day Money Mindset Challenge

I'm ready to flip my money story right NOW. 

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I definitely want to flip my money mindset. When does this start?
As soon you decide you want to do this. Once you register, you’ll receive daily recordings and interactive playsheets that will help you clear up your confusion about money. Decide that you are ready to rewrite your money story. All it takes is a firm decision that your old way is no longer working for you. The sooner you say yes to you receiving more, the sooner you start seeing what you’ve been missing about money. 

How much time will this class take?
Each call lasts about an hour, but seriously, once you realize how powerful the principles are that I’ll be sharing with you, you’ll choose to practice this stuff every day for the rest of your life. It’s mind-blowingly simple and powerful. How much time do you have to make your dream life a priority? 

Can I get a refund?
Nope. Be all in if you want to massively flip the money switch in your brain. You don’t get a refund on life, do you? Take yourself seriously. Act like your life depends on this, because it does. Your crappy money story is costing you your joy, your health, your confidence and your freedom. Demand more of yourself. Stop looking for a way out, Look for a way in instead. Creating wealth is an inside job. 

How long does it take to change the brain?
There’s a saying in neuroscience: The neurons that fire together wire together. Translation: the more you repeat a thought, the thicker that neural pathway becomes until the thought becomes a habit, a reflex, an unconscious reponse. Scientists estimate we think our subconscious automatic negative thoughts 30-50,000 times a day x 365 day/year x your age = a multilane super highway of negative, disempowering thoughts dominating your subconscious mind. You didn’t develop those thoughts overnight — you’ve been working on those beliefs your whole life — so it’s going to take time to clear your blocks. So how long does it take to change your brain? That depends on the person and their consistency, determination and commitment to change. Psychology research from the European Journal of Social Psychology says it takes 66 days on average (some people take over 200 days) to form a new habit. Dr. Peta Stapleton, a leading EFT researcher, has found that people practicing EFT achieve the same results in 8 weeks that others experience after 6 months of talk therapy.

Join the 5-day Money Mindset Challenge

I'm ready to flip my money story right NOW. 

Investment $997 $97