CALLING ALL COACHES, HEALERS AND CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS who have a growth mindset, a compassionate heart and a soul-driven mission!

  • Experience abundance, ease and joy every day
  • Be more clear and confident so you stop sabotaging yourself
  • Enjoy consistent cashflow regardless of external conditions
  • Learn cutting-edge neuroscience practices to balance and calm your mind
  • Get more done in less time so you’re more productive and have more free time
  • Trust your decisions so you stop doubting and apologizing for yourself
  • Design your life and livelihood based on what you love to do
  • Own your value and your expertise so you easily attract ideal clients
  • Master your mindset so you live in peace instead of in pieces

You are a creative, heart-centered entrepreneur who has so much to offer.

I know how frustrating it is to struggle with not-enoughness and fear of doing it wrong because that used to be my daily jam.

I used to be a wantrapreneur.

I admired people who took risks. I watched them create cool businesses from scratch and be unstoppable in their passions. I wanted that so bad, but I was too scared to start my own thing.

My mindset made my buts look really big.  Can you relate? 

BUT it’s overwhelming.
BUT I don’t know where to start.
BUT I don’t have the money.
BUT I’m not qualified enough.
BUT I feel like an impostor.

As Henry Ford says, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

I argued for my limitations. A lot. And I won, every damn time.

I thought, if I just work harder, I’ll finally be one of those people who can afford to start my own thing.

For a dozen years, I made documentary films about science, the environment and health. My work was winning awards and being broadcast to millions. I loved creating educational content that changed lives.

But instead of celebrating my success and the good I was doing in the world, I was mortified and ashamed because I was secretly carrying $100,000 in credit card debt to cover my living expenses, and I had no idea how I would ever pay this off.

I felt like such a fraud. I wanted to crawl into a hole.

Then I became a mantrapreneur.

In 2007, my yoga teacher, Gurmukh, gave me a Prosperity Meditation. I had no idea there was such a thing. Within a week, I had manifested $5000. After a year and a half, I was debt-free!

BUT… I was still living paycheck to paycheck since I had used every penny of income to pay off my debt, and I still felt like I was trapped on an emotional and financial roller coaster.

On good weeks, I covered my rent making films about climate change and the environment.

On bad weeks, when the projects had ended (as freelance projects do), I fell through the ice of self-doubt and despair and wondered how did I end up such a loser. Was anyone ever going to hire me again?  

I hated being a slave to money. I hated being wracked by self-doubt. I wanted to be free of this!

“I should have been a real doctor,” I said to my husband.

“You are a real doctor,” he said. “You have a comparative literature PhD from Princeton.”

“That doesn’t count,” I said. “If I were a real doctor, I’d have a real job with a real paycheck and I’d get some real respect.”

I decided that medical school would fix my money woes, so in January 2012, I started down that path.

I immersed myself in organic chemistry, neuroscience, anatomy, biology, physiology, psychology, statistics. I shadowed in operating rooms. I sat vigil in hospice. I memorized the flow of fluids, hormones and neurotransmitters. I studied the rhythms and pulsations of the body’s organs, muscles and tissues.

September 2013, my world as I had known it turned upside-down.

First there was a flood in my town. My home office and meditation space had to be gutted down to the concrete and studs. A few weeks later, my dad dropped dead of a heart attack. My foundation — physically, financially and emotionally — was shaken to the core.

I was working in an Anatomy Lab at the time, and it was my job to take the heart out of the cadaver the day after my dad died.

Holding a human heart in my hands was sacred, intimate and life-changing.

The heart’s rhythm is to expand/contract, fill/empty, inhale/exhale, work/rest. Each set of pumps constitutes one complete cycle of circulation.

This interdependence is what keeps us alive. The heart rests after every effort, and then it gets back to work. In fact, every organ system in the body maintains balance between work and rest.

But not me. I had thought I was supposed to be productive 24/7. I had thought that overgiving and undercharging went with the territory of being a starving artist.

I’d been punishing myself with overworking and undersleeping for decades. No wonder I had felt exhausted, depleted and broke.

No wonder my filmmaking had not been sustainable and I’d wanted to quit. I had been running my business and living my life counter to Nature — in a constant state of contraction — which is why I had struggled so much.

In that moment, my belief system about how money and business worked unraveled. My own heart cracked open and I stepped in.

I finally became a successful entrepreneur.

I have worked on dozens of films about climate change, weather and the environment, as though it existed “out there,” but when I held a human heart in my hands, I realized that the same envelope of air that surrounds the entire planet was moving through me, too. It couldn’t be any other way.

In fact, I realized that all the elements — Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space — were flowing through my body at all times.

My iron-rich blood (Earth and Water) was distributing oxygen (Air) throughout my body thanks to the spark (Fire) of the heart, that filled and emptied (Space). I realized that my inhale (oxygen) was the trees’ exhale; the trees inhale (CO2) was my exhale. We’d been in this dance for lifetimes.

What does this philosophical awakening have to do with creating a sustainable business?

I decided to pay more attention to my inner environment than I had in the past. I discovered that some thoughts made me feel sunny and excited, while others felt tornadic and stormy. Some thoughts created a sense of ease, while others instilled panic, anger or sadness. I saw how quickly I could change my inner chemistry by what I was thinking.

I started taking my responsibility for my inner climate change more seriously and I started choosing different thoughts, and thinking about my thoughts differently. As Wayne Dyer says, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I went deeper and systematically began exploring my subconscious mind using a variety of mind-body tools I now teach. I began to see opportunity and support I had never noticed before. I began ditching the money drama I’d been addicted to, and I started telling myself a different story.

I fired Struggle and I hired Ease.

I doubled down on my meditation.

One morning in sadhana, I discovered that specific chakras (energy centers) in my body lit up when I thought about certain things — like having money, power, authority and being a successful entrepreneur. There was a strong correlation between those thoughts and my body’s response to them that I’d never noticed before. I started seeing colors and paying attention to how energy moved through me, and how I blocked it.

I got interested in what felt safe and what freaked me out, and I started practicing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping on all of it.

Using my filmmaking expertise, I created movies in my mind that starred me as a creative, heart-centered entrepreneur with a script and a soundtrack that inspired and empowered me.

I started acting as though my life depended on it — because it did — and you know what happened?

My income tripled without me raising my rates, doing any marketing or running any ads.

I knew I was on to something, so I started sharing it with people. My income doubled again. Then I invested in mentors and coaches, and it doubled again.

I had thrown myself into the masculine, scientific world of facts and modern medicine, thinking that was going to solve my money problems, and in the process, I discovered the feminine, creative, mysterious inner world of the body, that is connected to all of itself and everything beyond itself. I had found the me within me, and I fit perfectly in me.

The more I allowed myself to create, express and to participate fully in life, the more joy, ease, fun and money flowed through me.

I found the source of true wealth in the last place I ever thought to look for it: inside of me.

My path to building a multiple 6-figure business I love, working with clients I adore, was circuitous and interdisciplinary and a surprise.  I had thought that money was the problem and that having money would be the solution. It turned out that money was neither the problem nor the solution: I was. Money was simply a by-product of living a creative, embodied life. 

I am grateful for everything I have learned along the way, and I’m thrilled to share my spiritual and scientific knowledge, wisdom and experience with you.

This is what I now offer you.

The Anatomy of Money FLOW model blends ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience, logic and intuition, spirituality and strategy. This brand-new program includes my best brain hacks, abundance affirmations, prosperity meditations, business strategies and mindset mojo.

I can help you access the creative power your subconscious mind and tap into the supreme wisdom of your body so that you can be strategic and free-spirited, spiritual and entrepreneurial and you can live in your heart every moment of every day no matter what’s going on around you.

I have unlocked the doors to emotional, financial and spiritual freedom, and so can you.  

Freedom is much closer than you think.

You are about to discover that what you thought was true about money is not.

I thought money was the problem. I also thought money was the solution. See the circular logic in this way of thinking? No wonder I chased my tail for years and couldn’t crack the money nut. I was barking up the wrong tree!

It turns out that money is neither the problem, nor the solution.  You know what is?

Your mindset and your money story.

The good news is that your brain can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imaginary, so you can train your brain to believe a different story. Your money story is within your control. Let’s start writing a new one.

You create your new reality at will.

If you don’t like your current money story, edit it.  It’s your movie. You’re the director and the producer, the location scout and the lighting designer. You’re the scriptwriter and you make up the plot twists. Why not play the part of the hero this time?

Isn’t it time you start writing — and living — a new money story?

Welcome to FLOW, a brand new course for creative leaders who are ready to jump into the river of abundance and experience accelerated results!

The number one thing that made a difference for me was mastering my mindset.

For the past 30 years, I’ve been a student of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, neuroscience and the philosophy of consciousness. I am a voracious reader and learner, and I have always wondered why are some people successful, no matter what, while other seem to flounder and struggle even though they’re smart and hard-working.

This was a very personal question for me since I used to be the one floundering and struggling. I am now a sought-after money mindset expert because I had to learn what I now teach. 

The top 10 most common abundance blocks we humans love to hide behind:

• Fear
• Guilt
• Imposter syndrome
• Needing to be right
• Overanalyzing
• Worrying
• Procrastinating
• People-pleasing
• Perfectionism
• Comparing

Do you recognize yourself employing any of these 10 strategies? 

It’s normal to visit these defensive strategies from time to time — we all do because we’re human and we want to be loved and accepted.   

But if you habitually live in these disempowering states, it creates chronic dis-ease emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. Getting locked in a state of defensiveness affects your relationships, your health, your emotions and moods, your confidence, your self-esteem, and most importantly, your peace of mind. 

The opposite of abundance is avoidance. When you’re subconsciously avoiding the flow of abundance, expansiveness and contentment you crave, it will flow around you to others who are open to it. 

I discovered that the secret to health, wealth, happiness, harmony and unbridled creativity was being in the FLOW state, which is accessed through the subconscious mind, not the conscious mind that’s trying to control everything

Cognitive neurocientists say the conscious mind accounts for about 5% of our thoughts. That means that 95% of your actions, beliefs, decisions, emotions and behavior are being activated below the level of your conscious awareness.  See why it’s so important to get all the rest of you on board?!

Your conscious, analytical, logical, rational, problem-solving mind only controls about 5% of your daily activity, but it’s trying to control your whole life. It’s waaaaaaaay underpowered. No wonder you’ve been struggling and working so hard and not seeing the results as fast as you’d like. No wonder you’re tired! You’ve been expecting 5% of your brilliance to perform 100% of the job of being you. 

The psychologist Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi describes the flow state as that experience of consciousness where you feel the most alive, productive, creative and happy. You become clear, focussed and confident.

Time becomes fluid, and work effortless because you’re in your zone of genius. Resistance dissolves, and you discover yourself to be far greater than you ever dreamed.

Anatomy of Money VIP Clients discussing sales and marketing. Creativity = Water = Flow.

Anatomy of Money FLOW is for you if you want more joy, ease, time and money to flow consistently through your life and business.

Here are the 4 major areas of FLOW we’ll be addressing:

Money FLOW

  • Build, maintain or scale your business teaching, leading and sharing what you love. 
  • Use your voice and claim your authority to make the world a better place for all.
  • Discover that it’s safe for you to be spiritual and rich. In fact, all abundance flows through the doorway of your devotion. 
  • To up your money flow, we’ll look at Your Personal Prosperity Profile, Your Earliest Money Paradigm, The Dark Side of Money, Being Spiritual and Rich, Rebellion and Responsibility, Why You’re Afraid to Sell, and more mindset stuff you need to master to make more money


  • 10x your productivity so you get more done in less time so you have more free time
  • Identify your time leaks so you stop wasting time (time = money = freedom)
  • Learn how to value your time 
  • To help you expand time, we’ll look at some common sabotagey habits that eat up time and self-esteem and cost you money, like People-Pleasing, Procrastinating, Overwhelm, Confusion, and Being Afraid to Rock the Boat. 

Energy FLOW

  • Learn strategies for not taking on other people’s energy so that you remain steady no matter what’s up or down for them.
  • Manage your own energy so that you don’t get burned out with work, family or the news cycle.
  • Practice mindset reframes that keep you consistently energized, well resourced and in the yummy, juicy flow of LIFE.
  • To up your energy flow, we’ll look at some common habits that zap your energy and life force, like Perfectionism, Negative Self-Talk, Being Invisible, and Not Trusting Your Intuition.


  • Love is the Mother of All Flow since everything flows from her(e).
  • Learn to love yourself more so you stop overgiving, overanalyzing, overcompensating and overcomplicating.
  • Cultivate greater confidence, connection and self-trust with your Self and others.
  • To up your love mojo, we’re going deep into those shadowy places in ourselves we love to hate. You’ll learn to Become a Great Receiver, Stop Apologizing, and Stop Unwittingly Repelling Clients and Money and Stop Objecting to Your Greatness.  

I highly encourage you to dive in if you’re looking for my most advanced, immersive training and you want your most advanced, extraordinary results.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is: how do I create a rock solid, resilient mindset?

Decide that mastering your mindset is your highest priority.

FLOW includes my best brain hacks, prosperity meditations, abundance affirmations, and 6-figure business secrets.

I’ll share the same sabotage-busting strategies, perspective shifts and inspired tapping scripts I personally use to build and scale my business, and stay in flow and high vibe no matter what the external conditions are.

Mindset, resilience and out of the box thinking is more important than ever right now.

Learning the habit of being in FLOW is an extraordinary gift to yourself, your family, your clients, and the planet. If you’ve been wanting to get off the roller coaster of not enoughness and you’ve sick of waiting for external conditions to change so that you can feel safe, secure, confident and sure of yourself, you are in the right place.

FLOW is an internal state that automatically happens once you’ve cleared the clutter that’s blocking the flow. If you’re not experiencing the level of wealth, health, happiness and connectedness you want to (yet), it’s because there’s some subconscious muck hat keeping you stuck.

The Anatomy of Money FLOW can help you get out of your rut and into your groove.

It’s simple.
1. DECIDE. You know in your gut if you need and want this work for your next-level growth. You also already know if you resonate with me, and if you think I can help you. Make the decision that is correct for you. Decisions are empowering because they force us to choose what we really want.

2. CLAIM YOUR SPOT by clicking on one of the Enroll Now! buttons on this page. Choose your payment option and you’re in. Easy peasy lemon squeazy.

Here’s the dealio. FLOW includes all this:

  • 16 group sessions (on Zoom on Tuesdays at 2-3pm Mountain Time starting May 12).
  • Recordings of all the sessions (Lifetime access to all replays)
  • Illustrated Tapping Guide (Bonus!)
  • Wealth Accelerator Exercises (Bonus!)
  • Prosperity Meditations (Bonus!)
  • Gratitude Journal (Bonus!)
  • Additional coaching, support, accountability and community in the Anatomy of Money Academy Facebook Group
  • Additional surprises I’m keeping up my sleeve because your brain loves novelty.

  • Plus these kicka$$ bonuses:

  • 2 private 1:1 sessions with Deborah plus recordings and personalized tapping scripts ($997 value)
  • My signature 4-hour program Anatomy of Money ~ The First Step plus recordings and tapping scripts ($997 value)
  • Normally, the investment for this level of high-touch coaching, accountability and support would be $13,000, but we are not in ordinary times so I’m offering you an extraordinary deal.

    FLOW is an advanced training for 20 people who are committed to creating the conditions for consistent flow of spirituality, materiality and creativity in their lives NOW.

    All the coaching is being done by me personally. This is a rare opportunity to work with me semi-privately for a fraction of the time and money investment of private coaching.

    One of you will be in the hot seat every week. Group programs are the fastest way I know of to clear money blocks, reclaim your power and experience lasting transformation because we are all mirrors for each other.

    Every week, we’ll focus on clearing a mindset block or habit that has been holding you back so that you can get comfortable expressing yourself clearly, earning consistently, and creating whole-heartedly.

    Experience the flow of time, money, love and life force like never before.

    I’m ready for more FLOW in my life and business!

    Full Pay $13,000 $3300


    or Make 5 Easy Payments of $697



    Receive TWO Private
    Block Buster Tapping Sessions with Deborah
    ($997 value)



    ($997 value)

    The transformational mind-body-money course
    that awakens you to the power of your subconscious mind.

    In this program, I share the exact first steps I took to identify and clear my subconscious money blocks.  It turns out that our relationship with money bears an eerie resemblance to our relationship with everyone and everything we interact with. Your conscious mind thinks it's in charge but it's not. Your subconscious mind is what's driving you and all your decisions, so it's worth getting to know what's going on in there!

    This is my introductory signature online program Anatomy of Money: The First Step (formerly called the Anatomy of Money Online). Everyone who works with me is required to take this class because it's foundational to your understanding of how your mind works

    In these 4 hour-long sessions, you'll learn about your conscious and subconscious mind, how each operates, and what their priorities are. You'll identify some of the hidden drivers of your beliefs and behaviors. You'll learn how to train your brain to be your ally instead of your adversary so that you can take action, achieve results and live, serve and thrive in alignment with your soul. 

    Normally this class is $997, but when you register for FLOW, you get it for free.

    This program has helped hundreds of people begin to reclaim control of their thoughts and habits. It's entry-level, but it's kinda like diving into the deep end of the pool. Be prepared to shine a light on how you've been sabotaging yourself. It's cringeworthy, and it's so healing to see what you're scared of clearly so you can make different choices going forward.

    I have taught this class twelve times, and each time, the content grows richer. Many clients have taken this class multiple times because as their mindset changes, they start perceiving their experiences differently, so it feels like a new class every time.

    DATES: May 7 and 8 at 1-3 pm Mountain Time on Zoom
    Schedule these dates in your calendar now.


    Conscious Clarity ~ What You Think About Money

    • Identify your Conscious beliefs, thoughts and money habits. The first step to healing your relationship with money is getting clear on what you already know you think about it.
    • Meet the mind-body-money connection. There's a reason some people seem to possess unshakeable confidence, passion and enthusiasm while others consistently struggle and self-sabotage.

    Understand Your Subconscious Confusion ~ What You Feel about Money

    • Discover subconscious beliefs and habits that have been operating and derailing you from making more money..
    • Five money mindsets that drain your energy and crush your confidence (and empty your wallet!)
    • Eavesdrop on the negative subconscious self-talk that secretly sabotages you.

    How to Rewrite Your Money Story

    • Get a fresh perspective on money so that you stop feeling like a slave to it.
    • Release your old money story and write a new empowering one.
    • Learn a powerful mind-body tool that quickly transforms pain, anger and stress into ease, clarity and peace of mind.

    Discover the Dark Side of Money and How You're Unconsciously Pushing It Away

    • Identify ways you unwittingly repel money so that you can stop doing that!
    • Create new beliefs that magnetize money, clients and ease.
    • Practice brain hacks that heal your relationship with money.

    Anatomy of Money - The First Step

    Pay $997 $0

    PLUS all this!


    Illustrated Tapping Guide

    • Tapping - also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT - has been clinically proven to reduce cortisol, the neurotransmitter associate with stress and anxiety.
    • Illustrated Tapping Guide teaches you the step-by-step process to release old, limiting painful patterns so you feel more relaxed, clear and confident.
    • Custom tapping scripts for stress, scarcity, insecurity, fear and other money monsters.


    Wealth Accelerator Exercises

    • Accelerate your wealth consciousness with exercises to help you release buried beliefs and nonconscious habits that are not serving you.
    • Practice the superpower of seeing the unseen. Do these exercises and discover your true wealth within.


    Prosperity Meditations

    • Elevating your health and wealth consciousness is an inside job. Meditation trains your brain for confidence, consistency and commitment to your Self.
    • Learn simple breathing techniques for ease and relaxation.
    • Practice powerful affirmations for self-love, self-acceptance and self-confidence.


    Gratitude Journal

    • Daily gratitude practice primes your brain for pleasure, prosperity, happiness, and ease. This one simple practice alone can shift your brain chemistry, mood, and ability to receive more than you ever thought possible.
    • Establish the habit of gratitude and appreciation for what is and watch how quickly more of shows up. Whatever you water grows. What you appreciate appreciates.

    FOR YEARS, MY RELATIONSHIP TO MONEY was not balanced. I knew I was in need of a mentor to help me find the money wounds. I would make money but I didn't feel like it was safe to keep it in my account.

    What I loved most about working with Deborah was her honesty and open heart. Thanks to this work, I feel Relief. Gratitude. Pleasure. Joy. A new found freedom with money, love, and life! Within weeks of completing this class, I found myself open to signing clients for large financial commitments. I went from wondering if I would draw clients to attracting clients who immediately pay top dollar for my work as a healer, mystic and breathworker!

    Deborah's trust of the healing process has allowed me to expand beyond anything I could imagine in such a short time. Her dedication to the work she brings to the world inspires me to know that anything is possible.

    Katrina Elkins, Spiritual Author, Mystic and Healer

    UNTIL I MET DEBORAH, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about what was keeping me from dramatically increasing my income. After working with Deborah in a private group, the fog has lifted! She worked her magic on my brain’s molecules and my spirit and showed me how to work my own magic, too.

    Literally, the week after one coaching session, I made $12k.
    In. One. Week. And the next week, I closed another $6,000 in sales. Over the last year, my income has tripled. It was super easy. My mindset about money has shifted 180 degrees thanks to Deborah’s transformational way of coaching.

    Brand and Business Coach

    I WAS REALLY STRUGGLING WITH MY PAST No matter what classes I took, I was always talking about my past like it was my present. Years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD. I started taking healing classes to move past it, but nothing helped. With Deborah as my coach, TAPPING has eliminated the stress from my trauma. COMPLETELY!!! Which sooo changes the conversations in my head.

    My past now feels like it was a movie I watched - once. I am about to turn 60 years old and now get to relive my 30's the second time but now with knowledge and a lightness I never knew.

    I now have the freedom to take responsibility for my life and choose happiness!! I can feel love!!! Deborah is sooo nurturing and epic in what she does - I have the freedom I have been searching for.

    There were just parts of me I couldn't figure out myself. I had done it my way my whole life and I really wanted change, Deborah adapted to who I am and really brought out the best in me. Since our amazing sessions - I am happy. Period. And the Universe is showing up with lots more!!!!

    I remember being around 6, when summers lasted forever and everyday was lovely. After our sessions, this is my everyday. Money flowing in, joy flowing in, every day has ease!!!

    This is exactly what I needed to get on track with my life. Deborah specifically is the best I have worked with!!!!! I wish everyone could have a Deborah.

    I look at people and long to tell them their pain can be taken away. I'll send them to you as often as I can - luvs to you and how my world has changed and is beautiful. Thank you is hardly a BIG enough word to convey how special you are and the wonderful trip I have been on with you! All my LOVE!

    Artist, Jewelry Designer

    WHEN I STARTED WORKING WITH DEBORAH, I was struggling with low self-esteem, lack of direction, feelings of scarcity, and a general feeling that I was not living up to my potential because something I couldn't quite put my finger on was holding me back. I felt misunderstood, unappreciated, and undervalued at home and at work.

    Thanks to this work, I have a greater sense of self-worth. I feel more confident in my daily life and I am less stressed as a whole. I feel overwhelmed less often, and now know some good tools on how to combat overwhelm when it surfaces. 

    I'm happier being who I am, and feel more comfortable in my own skin. I realize I have many skills and experiences that are appreciated and valued by others that I now use to generate income. I have new-found clarity, enthusiasm and passion.

    I am becoming the person I long sensed was tucked away somewhere within me, afraid to poke out its head for longer than a moment or two. I am more relaxed, confident and at peace with myself. I am better able to enjoy my time with friends, colleagues and loved ones, and see my life as a great gift to be cherished instead of a never-ending struggle.

    Deborah played a key role in getting me out of the rut I felt stuck in for much of the past decade. I knew I needed a helping hand, but didn't know where to turn until I met Deborah. I'm now on course for where I want to head over the coming years. I have the clarity, self-esteem and motivation to keep on track. Thanks!


    WORKING ONE-ON-ONE WITH DEBORAH is one of the best investments of my time and money I've made in my life. I've gotten so much out of it, it's hard to sum up in words. 

    My income has quadrupled while working less hours than ever before, and most importantly, I get to serve clients I adore every single day. Through our work together, I discovered so many holes in my old thinking and the utterly destructive patterns I'd been carrying around like heavy bricks about money and serving my clients that go back generations if not eons.

    Since our first sessions, I began vibrating into right alignment with the truth of what I was offering my clients, and incredible clients began coming to me, as if by magic. I feel joyful for the first time about every aspect of my work and my business.

    If you have ever had doubts about your value, or what you were put on this earth to contribute or create, hire Deborah. Like a master archeologist, she will help you unearth the beliefs and patterns that do not serve, and together, you will tap into a whole new way of feeling and thinking that will make your life feel like magic.


    I've completely stopped giving my power away to people or circumstances to determine how I feel about myself or what is possible for me. This is the greatest experience of liberation I've had in my life to date.

    If joy, ease, freedom, hope, empowerment, and increased self-worth are what you’re looking for, along with increased financial abundance to boot, you’ve come to the right place. Deborah is a gem of the highest order. Work with her now.

    Relationship Coach

    and it was oh so worth it. Before our work together, I was terrified to raise my prices, charge my worth and I had zero boundaries with clients. I had a full business but I was working my ass off, barely able to pay myself anything or take time off without massive guilt, and I was making very little money.

    I thought I was hiring Deborah to help me make more money, and we went SO much deeper than that, uncovering beliefs about money and worthiness that started in my childhood that I had carried into my adult life. I’m SO grateful and empowered to have cleared out these patterns in our 1:1 work and to have the tools to continue clearing more old beliefs.

    In every session, Deborah kindly and lovingly calls me out on all of my crap and fears and works through each thought pattern with me, supporting me every step of the way. She has an amazing ability to ask exactly the right question and highlight those subconscious beliefs that have been running behind the scenes.

    I’ve since raised my prices considerably and have strict boundaries in place. I’ve had my biggest earning months ever and I now have consistent income. I’ve restructured my schedule and have creative time for myself and my writing every morning. I have tapped into more clarity and courage than ever, and have begun to build a much more sustainable business based on my creative skills and passions.

    Deborah is a wise woman, one whom I admire. She has a special gift combining spirituality and neuro-brain-juju with the specific concrete steps and templates to run a successful business. Her coaching has pushed me and opened me up to myself and what is truly possible.

    Writer, Speaker and Coach

    I'm not sure how I initially connected with Deborah, but I'm grateful we did because she was the missing piece to my next step.

    I came to Anatomy of Money Retreat unconsciously feeling disempowered, overly responsible for others financially, and guilty for desiring to become a millionaire. I was unaware of the burden I carried through these emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

    I'm from the Birmingham, Alabama, so coming to the mountains of Colorado was a totally different experience. I knew I would experience a transformation, but I didn't know it would be so powerful and awakening.

    The first day of the retreat, I allowed myself to be fully present with the guidance of Deborah and the support of the other women in the room. I went to the depths of some painful money monsters and beliefs. I knew the deeper I was willing to go, the higher I'll be able to ascend, so I went deep, and it was painful, beautiful, transformative, powerful and awakening.

    Deborah's skill, knowledge, and charisma supported me in drawing out everything in that weekend, that was no longer serving me. After drawing it out, it was then transformed. By the end of day two, my internal landscape had completely shifted. I felt empowered and powerful, I embodied forgiveness for my past money mis-takes, and I knew I was only responsible for myself financially. I believed in myself fully and completely again.

    I went to the Anatomy of Money LIVE retreat, and I met and experienced God in a way I hadn't experienced before in the form of Deborah.

    I recommend the Anatomy of Money retreat to anyone who desires to experience more, and is willing to go to any lengths for themselves.

    CEO, Quantum Taxx

    BEFORE I BEGAN WORKING WITH DEBORAH, I WAS COMPLETELY TERRIFIED by and angry with money. I avoided my finances at all costs, I was unclear about my path and I didn't believe I could make money doing what I loved. I was discouraged, and in what felt like an endless spin cycle of scraping by each month.

    I could go on forever about the amazing breakthroughs I have had and am continuing to have while working with Deborah. I know how valuable I am, and that what I have to offer is unique and special. I get excited now to check on my finances and to know that I am participating in the ebb and flow of resources in the universe. I am worthy, and it is safe (and wonderful) to be ME!!!

    I now approach each day with both purpose and ease. I have tools to consistently help me to uplevel, release anxiety, and embrace all of the parts of me. I have grown to really know and appreciate and trust myself more than I ever have before.

    I can't begin to express how revelatory and life-changing this experience has been. I have a bigger, broader vision for my business, my life, the good and beauty I am creating in the world. Deborah creates amazing space for others to feel seen, heard and cared for. She is not afraid to have the hard conversations, and she does it with so much love and grace. She taps into my inner scientist and artist and I LOVE it! She is the most compassionate, tuned in, full of amazingness woman and being I could have ever asked for in a coach, and I am so thankful to know her!

    Please do yourself this favor and work with Deborah. If you are ready to uplevel your life, your business, your relationships, your money story, your bank account, this is the time. Deborah is the real deal. She is the guide and coach for you to move beyond where you could have ever imagined you could go.

    Creative Capacity Coach, Arts/Health Researcher and Photographer

    I’VE LIVED IN AMAZING PLACES, travelled extensively and started multiple businesses and worked in careers I’ve loved. And even after decades of spiritual and inner work, the joy, connection, and abundance I desired was missing. Yes, I’d had moments of joy, connection, and abundance, though they never hung around for long. Working with Deborah has changed that.

    As a conversion copywriter, poet, photographer and designer, I am not often at a loss for words. The joy, connection, and abundance I now experience, even in the most challenging of moments, is so alive, genuine, palpable and mostly unshakable—it is beyond words. There are still clouds at times (doubts, self-criticisms, etc) that temporarily cover the sun (the light, creativity, and joy that I am), yet the joy is ever present.

    Deborah has an amazing ability to hold unconditional space for whatever arises. It is such a relief to truly be seen and heard, supported and celebrated. I am more deeply anchored in me.

    Deborah weaves together various modalities into threads of light and delight that create a strong and gentle, beautiful and challenging, flexible and solid container that nourishes and supports. I have never laughed so hard while exploring the uncomfortable and often hidden or shameful corners of the ego.

    Deborah’s coaching is a powerful gift for transformation. Through her support and mirroring, I have the courage to share more and show up as a gift to those I serve for which I am deeply grateful.


    WHEN I FIRST REACHED OUT TO DEBORAH, I was paralyzed with overwhelming fear and anxiety. Even though I worked hard and was experiencing some level of success, I felt like a complete fraud. I was living my dream life in many ways, but had completely shut down inside. I wasn't able to function at work or home.

    My inability to do anything sent my wife and marriage in a downward spiral. I felt worthless at work, despite positive feedback. I needed help, but didn't know where to look.

    Deborah helped me get to the root cause of why I felt like I was falling apart, and she gave me powerful tools to begin healing myself. Thanks to Deborah's coaching, my fears and anxieties have almost completely vanished, my marriage has significantly improved, my confidence has increased greatly, and my productivity has skyrocketed.. I've reconnected with family members and deepened those relationships. I've connected with a mastermind of like-minded men, where we support each other in our endeavors and personal growth. Every aspect of my life has been enriched by this work.

    In facing my fears, it turns out that I'm not on my dream career path. It's one of the reasons I had started shutting down. Right now Deborah is working with me to lay the groundwork for launching my own business.

    The journey with Deborah has been incredible and it has been a true joy. Deborah doesn't just help you with money. She gives you tools, and she guides you in giving yourself a new life upgrade.

    You know that life you always wanted to live? Stick with Deborah, and she'll help you develop the mindset, habits, and inner resilience to truly live the life of your dreams.

    If you are on the fence about coaching with Deborah, go sign up with her now. The life-value I continue to receive from her coaching sessions has been priceless. No way to quantify it. She's worth it!

    For anyone struggling with their relationship to money, and/or their relationship to THEMSELVES, working with Deborah will lighten your heart, rewire your brain and help empower you to go be your best, most effective and impactful self out in the world.

    Strategy and Risk Policy Analyst 

    I SIGNED UP FOR THE ANATOMY OF MONEY because outside of a (fun but very poorly paid) mural, I had almost no work for almost 6 months. I had to do something. I knew I had a lot of deep issues around money, but couldn't pinpoint exactly what was going on. The first time I heard Deborah speak, I was impressed. I thought "this woman is onto something." I left thinking "I should really do this"... but I am the queen of procrastination ... and when you're draining your bank account the last thing you want to do is spend money. 

    What I loved about the course was that it shone a spotlight on very specific beliefs I had. You can't work with your subconscious beliefs if you don't know what they are, and I never could see them before. I love the scientific approach.

    Through the work we did, it became obvious and clear that lack of money was just a symptom of old embedded beliefs I had been carrying about men, money, relationships, myself, that I had never been able to shift in the past. I've done a ton of personal growth work, and had somewhere along the line accepted that this is just how things are.

    Since the course, work is coming to me nonstop. And the work I'm getting is the stuff I love - painting murals, good design jobs. I'm turning away work for the first time in years! I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that all I did was tap for a few months on my subconscious beliefs and this is happening.

    More than that, I feel more integrated and more whole in general. How I feel in my day to day life is a little lighter, it all flows a little more easily. I experience more general well-being than before. Clearing old painful issues means I'm not carrying them around anymore.

    The course opened the doors and windows - the possibilities are endless. I can change bedrock subconscious belief structures through tapping. It's my hot new tool in the toolbox and it is truly effective, a rocket ship to changing old patterns. Through working with Deborah, I now know it's possible to change things and how to do it quickly and effectively.

    This has f*ing changed my world. I have a solution that works! What a goddamn miracle!

    Thank you, Deborah. I am so deeply grateful for this gift of freedom!

    Peggy Sands, Artist and Graphic Designer

    I'm ready for more FLOW in my life and business!

    Full Pay $13,000 $3300


    or Make 5 Easy Payments of $697



    Jump in and give this your all. If you're someone who is used to saying "nothing ever works for me," recognize that this an old subconscious condition you've been acting out for decades, and it's your way of staying right where you are because change is threatening to our nervous systems. Give yourself the opportunity to unhook from your self-imposed shackle of self-exclusion and see what happens.

    EFT Tapping has been shown in over 100 evidence-based studies to be an effective way to release trauma that has been stored in the body. It can be a powerful tool of transformation for you, too.

    I stand strongly behind the transformational power of the Anatomy of Money Programs and my ability to deliver extraordinary insight and value to you. I know these processes are profound, they can be painful, and the rewards for many are remarkable.

    That said, if after the first group session, you decide there's nothing here for you, ask for your money back. We'll remove you from the course and refund the remaining payment(s), no questions asked, minus a $50 processing fee. Refund requests must be made in writing to [email protected]